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Zenoss is an enterprise network and systems management application written in Python/Zope. Zenoss provides an integrated product for monitoring availability, performance, events and configuration acro... More

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AUDIENCE : system administrator
information technology : healthcare industry : DEVELOPMENT STATUS : beta
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
Linux2 : posix : unix : windows 2000 : windows 2003 : windows nt : windows xp : all bsd platforms : FreeBSD : mac os x : netbsd : OpenBSD : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : Python
Zope : USER INTERFACE : web-based
non-interactive (daemon) : command-line : DATABASE : MySQL
network-based dbms :

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Pretty Easy To Setup And Get Going

Recently I was trying to setup some tool for monitoring my server I started with nagios but gave up as it was taking alot of time to set it up, I was looking for something quick, I came across zenoss and for me it's winner if you want something quickly, it's pretty easy to setup, I was able to get it up in less than an hour. Reporting and alerts are managed well.

Over all useful tool.

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Zenoss Enterprise 2.5 Released, Now Features Amazon EC2 Monitoring


Open source network monitoring software vendor Zenoss announced the release of Zenoss Enterprise 2.5, the company's commercial version of its flagship product. It sports several new features, most notably Amazon EC2 monitoring that provide users with dynamic snapshots of performance and the ability to drill down on performance issues with "inside the instance" monitoring.

Zenoss Enterprise 2.5's focus is on scalability and security with an eye toward future datacenter platforms and technologies. Additional new features include:

Zenoss Announces Release of Zenoss Core 2.5, New Free Training Event, and More


I'm beginning to think the folks at Zenoss never sleep. How else can the popular open source network monitoring software vendor explain all the recent announcements and news they've been making the last few days? Let's start with the contest.

The new Community ZenPack Contest captures the cloud computing craze. "Zenoss in the Clouds ZenPack Contest" is aimed at users who want to create modules, or ZenPacks, to allow Zenoss to monitor cloud infrastructureand service providers, or deploy cloud-based technologies.

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