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WordPress is a blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. WordPress is the official successor of b2camlog, develope... More

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LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl) v2
USER INTERFACE : web-based

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Superbb Software

WP RULEZ!!! i'm like a noob in web makin designing stuff but check this site i made with WP. I had to learn everything . i really didn't know a thing about websites and look i maded in 1 week this site http://www.turbodieet.net

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Wordpress Rocks!

It is so easy to start but allows for tons of customization. Also the built in SEO works wonders!

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Wordpress Is Great

Wordpress is absolutely awesome. I have a blog and the Wordpress CMS is very easy to use and is easily expanded with plugins. While I'm not "married" to this platform, its ease of use and functionality makes it one of my personal favorites.

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Brilliant Blogging Environment

Getting better with every release.

Tons of add-ons: widgets, plugins, themes

Automated updates Easy customizations

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Simply Hot!

There is so much going on with Wordpress — widgets, plugins, even e-commerce shopping carts. I don’t know why anyone would choose Blogger or another platform instead.

categorize your posts by topic, not just by date, hundreds of themes/skins,plugins, large user community with help forums, extensive documentation, ability to completely customize Wordpress code, ease of installation, no ads, abililty to distribute podcasts with audio player plugins.

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Five WordPress Plugins to Make You a Better Blogger

WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

Open source blogging platform WordPress is popular with millions of bloggers worldwide for its versatility and ease of use. One of the best things about self-hosting a WordPress blog on your own server is its nearly infinite tweakablilty. Post-deployment plugins turn a standard blog into a useful interactive and engaging site for readers. Here are five plugins to make your great blog even better.

Using Wordpress as an Enterprise Alerts Database

Blue Wordpress Logo

Good monitoring systems are a must in an enterprise environment. We use Nagios as our main monitor to keep an eye on system load, disk use, CPU utilization, and other items of interest. We also have several built-in monitoring systems, like HP's blade center software, and VMware's Virtual Center, as well as a few one-off scripts that monitor something here or there that I haven't gotten around to integrating into Nagios yet. All of these monitoring systems send emails to either our desktops or our cell phones as text messages, depending on the severity of the alert. There was a time when these emails were simply lost forever once they were deleted from our inbox or phone, until I setup a Wordpress install on our control server and created a simple database for storing the alerts as blog posts.

WordPress 3.0 Release Candidate Available for Testing


The WordPress development team announced the first release candidate for WordPress 3.0 is now available for download. Users with all levels of experience are encouraged to grab the files and give it a whirl to help work out any remaining kinks. The team is encouraging plugin authors to test their plugins as soon as possible to work out any issues ahead of the final release, and theme and plugin users are encouraged to report any bugs they encounter to its authors.

WordPress 3.0 looks like an especially compelling release of the seven-year old blogging platform. The much-anticipated custom menu system features lots of drag-and-drop options along with the ability to create sub-menus hide specific pages, and more. The WordPress admin page has also been altered to users to focus more on content. For a full rundown of new features and enhancements, check out this handy guide.

Cloud-based Audio Hosting Service Similar to YouTube?

Is there any cloud-based audio hosting service that is similar to Youtube in nature? What I am basically looking for is a podcasting distribution network through which I can embed links to, say a Wordpress blog.

What are The Best Blogging Engines?

I use Blogspot and I have opened an account in Wordpress as well. However, I am pretty new to this and was wondering what could be the best blogging engines out there. Could you please suggest me with a list? Off course these need to be free.

Can I Run a Wordpress Blog in Google App Engine?

I am not a techie. So this might seem a naive query. What I want to know (on behalf of a friend) is that whether it is possible to run a wordpress blog in Google App Engine?

Is it Possible to Exactly Mirror a Woorpress Site?

We have a Wordpress site which we want to discontinue, but keep the stuff online anyway. Now is it possible to exactly mirror this site? If yes, could you please help me with the steps?

Can I Make Changes to My Wordpress Theme?

I have recently moved my blog from blogspot to Wordpress and while WP is pretty awesome, I do have some issues with the themes that I get here. Seems like they are a bit rigid in general – could there be a way to tweak around with the themes? Thanks.

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