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Wine is a software application which aims to allow Unix-like computer operating systems on the x86 architecture to execute programs that were originally written for Microsoft Windows. Wine also provid... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
LICENSE : gnu lesser general public license (lgpl)
Linux2 : posix : unix : all bsd platforms : FreeBSD : mac os x : netbsd : OpenBSD : Solaris : Wine : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : C
USER INTERFACE : x windows

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Another Linux Project Hacked

security breachJeremy White, CodeWeavers founder and CEO, announced yesterday that yet another Linux project has been hacked. He said in a post to the Wine-users mailing list that he is "sad to say that there was a compromise of the WineHQ database system."

Increasingly, Open Source Coexists With Proprietary Software

In the ongoing debate between open source purists and people who appreciate and defend proprietary software, extremists will always have their voices, but many people in the open source community are waking up to the fact that proprietary platforms and applications can co-exist peacefully with open source ones. There are several trends boosting this fair dinkum version of the software landscape, including the growing ease with which open source and proprietary titles can work together in heterogenous network environments, and platforms aimed at consumers that embrace the sharing of proprietary and open source applications.

CodeWeavers 9.0 For Mac and Linux Released With New Interface


CodeWeavers, the popular commercial version of Wine, sees a new update this week with the release of version 9.0 for CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux. Users are treated to an overhauled user interface for Mac and a completely redesigned interface for Linux, which developers say makes both apps run more quickly and intuitively.

The release also includes more than 7,500 patches and a bunch of fixes and improvements to the overall application. CrossOver 9.0 now supports macros in Excel, improved Outlook stability, and limited support for Quicken 2010.

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