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Ubuntu is an operating system for desktops, laptops and servers. It is a Linux distribution that is based on Debian GNU/Linux. Ubuntu aims to provide an up-to-date yet stable operati... More

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AUDIENCE : Desktop
server : LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
Gnu Free Documentation License (gfdl) : OPERATING SYSTEM : Linux2
C : etc.. : USER INTERFACE : gnome
kde : LATEST VERSION : 9.10
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Linux For Humans, Not For Geeks

Most userfriendly distribution ever, with the latest release (10.10) it gets better and better. Simply the best in the linux scene.

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If It's Not For "U" It's For "Us"

There is no defying the OS that truly embodies it's name through and through! I have now completely switched to using Ubuntu on my laptop, I've got everything working. With a good Internet connection, "U" can make things happen! The latest stable release (10.04 LTS) has built up on the strength of Ubuntu and added the Eye-candy most desperately needed, it looks and performs as a true post-vista operating system. Thank you Canonlical!

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the best linux operating system

with great flexibility

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From Linux Newbie To Big Fan

I love Ubuntu. Discovered it quite by accident.





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My Second Choice After Mac OS

I used to like Redhat then Fedora until I try Ubuntu.

Very aggressive development curve, each version is the better and nicer. If Microsoft know how to manage Windows development like Ubuntu team does, perhaps Windows will be the only OS to be used on desktop environment.

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openSUSE Delayed, Ubuntu Birthday, Sabayon Releases

openSUSEI've been under the weather and offline for a few days. I always hate when that happens because it makes for a virtual piled up desktop syndrome. Some of the distribution news I almost missed includes openSUSE delays, Ubuntu's almost seven, and Sabayon gets some more releases.

Enough Ubuntu, YET?

UbuntuI was offline for several days and I wondered if the Ubuntu posts would drown out all the other posts when I finally fired up the old newsfeed reader. Fortunately, I have it set to only show two days worth of articles, so I probably missed a lot of the individual bloggers expressing their love over the weekend.

Not Enough Ubuntu Yet?

UbuntuBoy, that Ubuntu, huh? No matter how much pleasure we derived from writing that Ubuntu users were leaving in droves or that Linux Mint kept moving up the DW PHR doesn't change the fact that Ubuntu is still big news. Is there a Website out there that didn't cover the Ubuntu 11.10 release?

Running Hudson in a Ubuntu VMWare?

Is it possible to run Hudson in a Ubuntu VMWare?

How to a Stop a Ubuntu Process from the Command Line?

I am running a machine and recently installed Ubuntu 11.04. Now say I want to kill a process from the Ubuntu command line, how do i do that? Or is it at all possible?

Are there Any Cloud-based Alternatives for GIMP?

Guys I have been using Ubuntu for sometime and it is excellent (for a user like me!). However, I want to know if I could find a full fledged cloud-based alternative for GIMP. I have seen some applications that work totally on cloud and do a lot of work pretty smooth, but they don't really replace Ubuntu totally. Could you please suggest something?

How to Play YouTube on Ubuntu?

Recently I needed to work on an Ubuntu machine. Everything was fine till I tried to play YouTube. The videos simply did not run on it. Am I missing something? I am using Firefox. I really need to know it since as a media person I do depend a lot on YouTube.

What is the Easiest Way to Run a Ubuntu Server in AWS?

Hi guys s it possible to run a Ubuntu server in the AWS without using any command-line stuff? (I am doing this only on an emergency basis!)

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