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TightVNC is a VNC distribution with many new features, improvements, and bugfixes over VNC. It is optimized for faster operation on slow network links such as modem connections, provides more configur... More

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AUDIENCE : system administrator
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
java : C : USER INTERFACE : x windows
win32 : web-based : TITLE SYNONYMS : Tight VNC

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Inefficient CPU & Bandwidth Usage

It works fine but is very inefficient in terms of CPU

and bandwidth usage as it continually broadcasts the entire screen back to the connected client which in turns sucks up about 40% of my CPU (since each screen sent back is compressed).

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I Like It

it's useful,when i use windows,i need sign on my ubuntu

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i found very hard to use it, but maybe it was just me

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More Feature Rich Than RealVNC

There are a few contenders in this arena but Tight VNC is one of the frontrunners. the number of features available is much more than the rest. Is easy to install and more secure to work with.

UltraVNC is another such application, though TightVNC seems to be more in news than the former.


TightVNC has been used in quite a few applications one of them being the in news CrossLoop which is a screen share utility using TightVNC.


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A Better Mousetrap

Not much innovation in this category but tightVNC just does it better than the other utilities out there. Much faster SSH access than others that I have used.

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LogMeIn Coming Soon to a Linux Box Near You?

LogMeIn offers a wide array of products to remotely access and administer systems -- as long as the system is running Windows, Mac OS, or certain smartphone platforms. According to TechWorld (Australia), this could change later this year.

The reasons that LogMeIn's Asia Pacific General Manager, Seth Shaw, gives for reaching out towards the Linux platform are intriguing -- and heartening.

TightVNC for Simple Remote Control

Nothing is worse than arriving at a remote destination, turning on your computer, and finding out that you left something critical back at home. That’s where remote control software comes in, and one of the simplest and best remote control applications you can use is free and open source TightVNC. You can download and install it in less than a minute. Then you just designate a host computer as server, and you can get password-protected access from wherever you are. TightVNC is small enough in footprint that it will fit unobtrusively on a USB thumb drive. Find out more in the WebWorkerDaily story.

VNC support win98?

yes or no?

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