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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The project strategy is modeled after Mozilla Firefox, a project aimed at creatin... More

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LICENSE : mozilla public license v1.0
GNU General Public License (GPL) : Gnu Lesser General Public License (lgpl) : OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent

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Oprah Winfrey Show Episodes

On December 7, 2004, version 1.0 was released, and received over 500,000 downloads in its first three days of release (and 1,000,000 in 10 days). As of June 2008, Thunderbird has been downloaded more than 67 million times since 1.0 release

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Far superior to the Proprietary drivel that keeps being bundled with Office. That being said, I think that our corporate reliance on proprietary solutions is disturbing. Thunderbird is a breath of fresh air

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Nice Application, Except...

I really like this application except for the lack of support for hotmail. I've configured for yahoo, gmail, and several RSS feeds, which is really cool, but no luck with hotmail. Anyone know if this will be supported in the future? If not, I guess I'll have to move my hotmail accounts over to yahoo or gmail.

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Great Mail Reader

I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird for 3 years now, and we're using it at work for 2 years.

No problem at all, very useful

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Thunderbird  by an anonymous user on May 1st 2008 at 07:52 AM

very good

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First Beta of Ubuntu 11.10 Begins Making the Rounds

While the official current release of Ubuntu remains version 11.04, the Oneiric Ocelot Beta 1 Release of Ubuntu 11.10 is now available. You can find a Technical Overview, including instructions on how to upgrade from version 11.04, on this page. This beta may be too early for everyday use, but it delivers an early glimpse of what the next major upgrade of Ubuntu will include.

Get Set for Thunderbird Email, Other Changes, in Ubuntu 11.10

The next major release of Ubuntu is imminent, and it will bring with it some significant improvements and big changes. While some users are still getting to know Natty Narwhal, version 11.04, Ubuntu 11.10, dubbed "Oneiric Ocelot," is due on October 13th. Several alpha versions of Ocelot have appeared already, but now the new version has had a feature freeze, according to the Ubuntu wiki. Here are some of the changes you can expect in Ubuntu version 11.10.

Thunderbird Email Engine to Be the Default in Ubuntu 11.10

In his recent comments to Network World, Mark Shuttleworth provided a number of clues as to what will be in the next major version of Ubuntu: version 11.10. While many people are still getting used to Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal, it's worth paying attention to the significant changes that are coming in 11.10. In the interview, Shuttleworth made clear that in future versions of Ubuntu, Google Chrome could even replace Firefox as the browser running by default. If you thought that betrayed any Google favoritism on Shuttleworth's part, or anti-Mozilla leanings. think again. Mozilla's Thunderbird 5 is the default mail client in Ubuntu 11.10.

How to sync Thunderbird across LAN Machines?

Is it possible to sync Mozilla’s Thunderbird across multiple computers in a LAN?

Columba v/s thunderbird?

Someone mentioned that I should download Columba as a replacement to Thunderbird. Anyone else who shares this same view??

I was very happy when I shifted from Outlook to Thunderbird and am extremely happy with Thunderbird for the last 2 years. I really don't see any reason to change from Thunderbird...

Any tools that allow you to sync google calendar with outlook automatically.

You can currently export the calendar data into ical format and then manually import it into outlook but this is way too tedious. Is there any tool (i'd be willing to pay real money for this!) that automates the 2-way sync between google and outlook calendars.

What about for Thunderbird?

Thunderbird v/s Zimbra v/s Gmail (yes, I know its not Open Source!)?

I, unfortunately, like most of the workforce, have been on Outlook for longer than I can remember (actually there was a brief, blissful moment way back when I was using Lotus Notes!).

Just wanted to get your thoughts on the advantages of deploying Thunderbird v/s Zimbra for a small company (20-25 people). Google Apps is also an interesting (free) service that we are evaluating cause gmail comes bundled in there for free.


Thunderbird and iCal and iPhone and Mac!

Hi - I have checked out Sunbird, and it is very neat. However, I am looking for something that will allow me to automatically sync my iPhone with my calendar. I currently use Thunderbird for my email, and not Is there an easy way in which I can keep track of 'todos' and events/appointments in Thunderbird and have them AUTOMATICALLY updated in iCal so it can sync with my iPhone.

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