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SQLite is a mostly ACID-compliant relational database management system contained in a relatively small (~500kB) C programming library. Unlike client-server database management systems, the SQLite en... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
LICENSE : Public Domain
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
sql : C : LATEST VERSION : 3.6.1

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Amazingly Light With Very Rich Functionality DB

SQLite is an amazingly light with very rich functionality relational database. I have been using it for quite some time now, with PHP and with Java.

Recently, I saw that Firefox3 uses it very extensively for its own management of Bookmarks and other things. Firefox3 has multiple instances of SQLite.

The best thing that I like about SQLite is that the entire database is stored in a single file on the file-system.

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A Single File ACID Compliant Database

SQLite is a single file database with APIs in C, Java, PHP, and Python.

I use it for my desktop applications, when they are small. SQLite supports SQL commands, and hence can be migrated to a full featured database like MySQL, if the database grows.

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It's An Embedded Database

SQLite is perfect for those small database chores where only a single (or small number of) processes will be updating a database on your computer. While its architecture is quite nice and works quite well (even multiple programs can access the file and semi-simultaneous commit changes), it is not in the same class as those that are currently being offered up as "alternatives".

It is embedded in many applications, both open and closed source. If you dig around deep enough, you'll see it behind Apple's Core Data service as well as the iPhone. That a lone means that it is probably deployed on more systems than most other database systems :-).

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OpenSQL Camp Offers Informal Meeting for Database Developers

Members of various open-source database communities will get together in mid-November for the first-ever "OpenSQL camp." The free conference, which has room for 150 attendees, will be held in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is meant to help the members of all open-source database projects to learn from one another. Potential participants are encouraged to register on the Wiki, as well as to propose conference talks. Organizers want the camp to make it possible for participants "to learn, to participate, to contribute, and to write code."

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