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Master Docker and Open Source Container Tech with Affordable Training Options

As 2016 closes out, it's a great time to plan for some valuable training in key tech areas. After all, it's known that there are shortages in trained professionals familiar with OpenStack, Big Data tools and container technologies. We recently rounded up a number of options for cloud and Big Data training, including some free ones.

But what if you want to familiarize yourself with Docker and Kubernetes and promote your skills as an open source container technology whiz? There are some good options for getting up to speed. Find several of these, below the fold.

Docker Open Sources Key Infrastructure Component

Docker has been steadily open sourcing some of its architectural components. In its lates move, the company is open sourcing containerd, an important infrastructure component in its container platform.

As The Register noted:? The d stands for daemon ? containerd is a daemon, or automated process, to control runC, the standard container runtime released by Docker last year, and since reclassified as something less than a runtime following community input. Containerd handles transferring container images, container execution, and low-level storage and network interfaces across Linux and Windows.

Mirantis Offers Vendor-Agnostic Kubernetes, Docker Certification

Mirantis, focused on the OpenStack cloud computing platform and ecosystem, has expanded its OpenStack training efforts in big ways over the past couple of years. But cloud deployments are increasingly becoming integrated with container technologies, and now Mirantis is expanding its training scope in recognition of that fact.

The company has launched what it is billing as the first vendor-agnostic Kubernetes and Docker certification, giving enterprises a way to identify container skills in the cloud market. Professionals preparing for the certification are recommended to take the Kubernetes and Docker bootcamp. The company also announced a new online, self-paced KD100 training for people looking for economy pricing and time flexibility.

Docker, Canonical Team Up on CS Docker Engine for Ubuntu

When it comes to containers, Canonical has been early to make many of the right moves. The company was one one of the first to weave in platform support for Docker, which is partly significant because the majority of OpenStack deployments are built on Ubuntu.

Now, Docker and Canonical have announced an integrated Commercially Supported (CS) Docker Engine offering on Ubuntu, meant to provide Canonical customers with a single path for support of the Ubuntu operating system and CS Docker Engine in enterprise Docker operations.

Puppet Rolls Out New Docker Image Builds

Folks who are focused on container technology and virtual machines as they are implemented today might want to give a hat tip to some of the early technologies and platforms that arrived in the same arena. Among those, Puppet, which was built on the legacy of the venerable Cfengine system, was an early platform that helped automate lots of virtual machine implementations. We covered it in depth all the way back in 2008.

Earlier this year, Puppet Labs rebranded as simply Puppet, and also named its first president and COO, Sanjay Mirchandani, who came to the company from VMware, where he was a senior vice-president. Now, at PuppetConf, the company has announced the availability of Puppet Docker Image Build, which automates the container build process to help organizations as they define, build and deploy containers into production environments. This new set of capabilities adds to existing Puppet functionality for installing and managing container infrastructure, including Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos, among others.

New Open Source Milestones for Microsoft

It's a milestone month for Microsoft on the open source front. As we reported, the company just released a new?open-source UWP Community Toolkit that eases app development by streamlining new capabilities (helper functions, custom controls and app services) that simplify common developer tasks.? Meanwhile, we're also noting that Microsoft has open sourced PowerShell under an MIT license and ported it to Red Hat, CentOS, and Ubuntu. The company is making the command-line shell and scripting platform available for both Linux and Mac.

Microsoft's brand new open source VP, Wim Coekaerts, appeared at this week's LinuxCon event in Toronto, and he gave a keynote address, accompanied by a blog post. Coekaerts, who previously oversaw Oracle's Linux efforts, has much to say about Microsoft's new stance toward open source. Here are some of his priorities.

Docker 1.12 Advances Mac and Windows Desktop Editions

Lots of container technology news is rolling in this week. Mesosphere announced support for the Confluent Platform for data streaming management, and heralded that the time is now for Container 2.0.

Meanwhile, many more users are taking to Docker's recently unveiled?version 1.12?of its core software-containerization system?today, accompanied by the?first full desktop editions?of the software for development on Mac and Windows machines.?

Google's Lead Kubernetes Engineer Joins Microsoft

As more and more people will confirm, Microsoft may have finally, truly warmed up to Linux and open source. CEO Satya Nadella has been much in the news for his comments on how he loves Linux and he has claimed that basically a third of Microsoft's Azure cloud is already Linux-based. The company has also announced Docker images and more on the Azure platform, and it is worth noting that Nadella previously ran Azure at Microsoft.

Now, Microsoft has hired Brendan Burns, a top engineer at Google who worked over several years building out the development of its Kubernetes open source orchestration technology for Docker containers. Some very big contributors have been committed to the Kubernetes project, including IBM, Microsoft itself, Red Hat, Docker, CoreOS, Mesosphere, and SaltStack. Burns can possibly give Microsoft even deeper roots in key open source territory.

Red Hat Delivers Container Security Scanning with RHEL

Remarkable news is arriving out of Red Hat Summit this week. Microsoft chose the summit to announce the general availability of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0, and a related partnerhship with Red Hat that promises to meld .NET tools and infrastructure with Red Hat Linux. The .NET Foundation, will be the steward of overall .NET development, and Red Hat has joined the?foundation.

Meanwhile, Red Hat is aligning its whole enterprise product line around containers, and has introduced new container security components. At the summit, Red Hat discussed two ways of doing container security scanning from within its enterprise OS. ?

BlueData Can Run Hadoop on AWS, Leave Data on Premises

We've been watching the Big Data space pick up momentum this year, and Big Data as a Service is one of the most interesting new branches of this trend to follow. In a new development in this space, BlueData, provider of a leading Big-Data-as-a-Service software platform, has announced that the enterprise edition of its BlueData EPIC software will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public clouds.

Essentially, users can now run their cloud and computing applications and services in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance while keeping data on-premises, which is required for some companies in the European Union.

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