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The Open Web Foundation is Open for Business

David Recordon, the open platforms tech lead for blogging company Six Apart, was on hand at OSCON this morning to deliver a keynote about ways to support the Open Web, a term that denotes a group of Web specifications developed within the open source community. Since many projects need help understanding the legalities behind adopting these specifications,  Recordon took the opportunity to announce the newly formed Open Web Foundation (OWF), an independent non-profit dedicated to the development and protection of open, non-proprietary specifications for web technologies.


Open Source P2P Streaming: Set to Disrupt CDN Biz Models

The EU-funded P2P Next project has been beta testing a new open source streaming solution since late last week, streaming both a live webcam transmission and an archived video from the BBC through its BitTorrent-based SwarmPlayer, reports our sister blog NewTeeVee. P2P Next’s SwarmPlayer is loosely based on research that a team of P2P developers at the Delft University of Technology has been doing in the last couple of years. Check out what P2P Next’s scientific director, Johan Pouwelse has to say about CDN (content delivery network) business models that may be disrupted.

Google Opens Its Templating Technology

Google is on a roll. Hot on the heels of releasing its internal Protocol Buffers data interchange format, it has open-sourced Google XML Pages (GXP). Though the project page reports this as version 0.2 beta, don't be fooled: according to a presentation about the technology, this is the templating language behind AdWords, Blogger, Google Reader, Google Analytics, and other properties.

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O'Reilly's Latest Report Shows Continued Open-Source Growth

Open-source fans will be delighted to read a new survey published by O'Reilly Media, and announced at their annual Open Source Conference (OSCon), taking place this week in Portland, Oregon. Their report, called Open Source in the Enterprise, details the ways in which open source is being adopted by large organizations. The report indicates that overall usage of open source is growing, pointing to download statistics from Sourceforge along with usage trends inside of companies.

BusyBox Sues Again

The news came today from the Software Freedom Law Center that they've filed another suit to enforce the GPL on behalf of the developers of BusyBox. This time the company in the sights is Extreme Networks, manufacturers of various switches and other products. Will we finally get our test of the GPL in a US court?

Sun, Facebook, Joyent Offer Free Hosting/Storage for Facebook Apps

In conjunction with the Facebook Developers Conference going on today, Sun, Joyent and Facebook have announced that they've partnered to provide free scalable, on-demand infrastructure from Joyent to Facebook developers. According to a Joyent post: Joyent?s Accelerator on-demand infrastructure (peered with Facebook?s datacenter) provides the very best load balancers, routing and switching fabric, x86 servers and storage from Sun. Facebook developers can take advantage of Joyent Accelerators to quickly launch Facebook applications capable of scaling to millions of users. All for free.

Jaspersoft Unveils Updated Forge With a Social Twist

Open source business intelligence company Jaspersoft announced at OSCON today that it has ramped up its community project development platform. JasperForge 2.0 boasts several new features including more personalized tools and customizable home pages, while also giving a nod to the social networking tools an increasing number of developers find useful. I caught up to Nick Halsey, VP of Marketing to find out more about the new features, why he thinks the JasperForge community has grown so fast, and what sets this platform apart from other Forges available to the open source community.

cyn.in: Open Source as Promo

The enterprise collboaration and content management space is a crowded one. Depending on what you want to empower your workers to do, you can look at anything from basic wikis to Microsoft SharePoint to Atlassian's Confluence - to name just a few of the choices. Cyn.in, which until recently had focused on a SAAS approach to providing this functionality, has recently launched its version 2.0 - and now it's available as open source as well.

Developers Make a Good Call With Fedora Talk

While the rest of the world is knee-deep in webinars, Skype-based teleconferences, and other Web 2.0 -ish forms of real time communication, most of the Linux community still relies on IRC, wikis, and opt-in email lists to get things done. At FUDCon last month, the Fedora community announced a new way of helping members and developers communicate with each other: Fedora Talk

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