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In the Latest Browser Performance Face-Off, A Surprise Winner Emerges

For quite a while now, open source browsers--led by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome--have been setting the pace of innovation. If you're at all like me, you run both of these browsers, and you may run different versions of them on various operating systems. I use Firefox and Chrome on multiple platforms. Mozilla, of course, has moved to a rapid release cycle for Firefox, which is keeping new versions very competitive with Chrome performance-wise. That's what made Tom's Hardware Web Browser Grand Prix VI interesting when we last looked in on it. In that performance face-off, Chrome emerged as the top performer in many key tests. Now there is an update to the benchmark tests. Guess which browser performs best.

No One Uses 32-bit Anymore... Right?

The 64-bit computer architecture has been around much longer than most laypersons think. In fact, its history goes all the way back to the 1970's. But for most personal computer users it became available affordably around 2003. Over eight years later most people have left 32-bit behind, right?

The Kindle Fire is A Big Open Source Bet from Amazon

Amazon's announcement of the Kindle Fire tablet, a $199, 7-inch color touchscreen tablet based on Android, has been much in the news this week. The Kindle, after all, has been a surprise success for Amazon, illustrating that a company that nobody expected to be a leader in mobile hardware could deliver a game-changing device. But Amazon's continuing success with the Kindle, and the Kindle Fire, also create one of the strongest arguments for mobile open source platforms yet, and underscore how much ground Android still has to cover as it arrives on new devices.

IT Administrators Are Growing Concerned About Renegade Cloud Deployments

Does the cloud invite users in enterprises and organizations to adopt unapproved applications without the oversight of IT administrators? That issue is making the rounds in the wake of concerns expressed by U.K. IT administrators who say that users at departmental levels are already demonstrating rogue practices. According to IT Pro: More than two thirds of IT directors are worried about cloud sprawl, with 54 per cent unsure of how many cloud-based services their employees are actually using. This problem won't go away, and mirrors the departmental actions that helped drive the rise of both personal computers and local area networks long ago.

The Linux Foundation and Big Backers Are Behind the Tizen Mobile Platform

The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin has made the following announcement, regarding a significant new mobile platform: Today we are welcoming a new project hosted at The Linux Foundation. Tizen is a Linux-based, open source platform designed to address the future of HTML5-based applications across a variety of device types. We think the project has a lot of potential, both for its technology and the major players it has involved in it. Intel and the LiMo Foundation are also backing Tizen, which succeeds the MeeGo and LiMo platforms. Could this finally be an open source mobile platform to compete effectively with Android?

Linux Australia Community Moves Forward with Opposition to Microsoft's Secure Booting

As reported here yesterday, the Linux community in Australia is increasingly unhappy with Microsoft's effort to implement a specification called Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) that some contend could make it impossible to run Linux on Windows 8 PCs. In response to complaints about the brouhaha, Microsoft officials responded with an extensive post that explains exactly what kinds of flexibility UEFI will offer. Many OStatic readers find the post from Microsoft to reach dubious conclusions, and now Linux Australia members are officially petitioning regulators, with reports coming in that they may have a case.

PulseAudio Turns 1.0

pulseaudioPulseAudio, the sound server that has been adopted by KDE (and others), has reached version 1.0. According to the release notes, The first thing you need to know is that 1.0 is just a number. We do not attach specific significance to the 1.0 moniker. It's really just a way to clean up version numbers.

Mozilla Addresses Problems with Add-Ons and Firefox Releases

As the Firefox browser has moved toward a new rapid release cycle, have you been lamenting the performance of some of your add-ons? If so, you're not alone. Add-ons are among the primary reasons why many users favor Firefox, and there have been some glitches as new versions of the browser have arrived at a machine gun pace. The issue is not lost on Mozilla, which is taking action. Towards the end of last year, the need for a faster Firefox release cycle was apparent, and nearly every team at Mozilla began preparing for the major changes afoot, says a new Mozilla post. Add-on compatibility has always been a huge barrier to releasing more often, so it was critical we have a plan that wouldn?t leave add-ons or users behind.

Oracle's Commercial Moves with MySQL are Drawing Scrutiny

When Oracle announced its intent to acquire Sun Microsystems, the very first question we asked was what would become of the open source MySQL database and Sun's record of openness with it. The general concensus around Oracle's plans was that the database giant would position MySQL as a way to onboard users to its commercial offerings. (Oracle offers an Enterprise edition.) There is now debate about the extent to which that is happening, especially because Oracle has just released three commercial extensions for MySQL.

Linux Mint Computer Case Stickers... For Europe?

mintLinux Mint is said to be gaining ground on Ubuntu's popularity dominance lately. This means more folks are using Linux Mint than ever before. These users are bound to be distributed throughout the world - granted with a large concentration in Europe. But there are sure to be users in the USA, Asia, Australia, and South America too.

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