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Getting to Know Arduino

Have you ever spent time with Arduino? It's an open source electronics platform based on a microcontroller and microprocessor with I/O capabilities that allow it to drive many kinds of inventions. We've covered the platform and the community that creates with it before. The project has come a long way in recent years, and here are some of the highlights as they stand now.

Gluster is Likely to Be One Among Many Upcoming Red Hat Buys

It's no secret that as the last remaining public, U.S company focused on open source (after the acquisitions of Novell and Sun Microsystems), Red Hat is on a tear. The company is on track to become the first $1 billion a year open source firm, and we've predicted before that acquisitions are on the horizon for the company as it rakes in the revenues. Sure enough, enhancing its increasing focus on cloud computing and Big Data, Red Hat has announced that it is paying $136 million for Gluster, a privately held storage firm. This is just one of what will likely be several upcoming acquisitions from Red Hat.

OpenStack Foundation to Form in 2012: A Spin-Out from Rackspace

It's official: After some early posts that reported that the OpenStack cloud computing platform will be spun out from Rackspace, OpenStack officials have confirmed that a new nonprofit foundation will oversee development and evangelism beginning in 2012. OpenStack is presenting significant challenges to proprietary cloud computing platforms and offering a flexible, open source alternative, so this promises to be good news. OpenStack's oversight will also differ significantly from some of the open source cloud platforms backed solely by commercial entities.

KDE to Celebrate 15th Birthday

kdeKDE is having a global birthday party to celebrate 15 years and everyone is invited. Well, since we all can't actually get together in one spot, they'd like to inspire a bunch of parties happening simultaneously across the globe on October 14.

Microsoft Serves Up Android Client for Hotmail

While Microsoft has a reputation for being less than friendly toward operating systems other than Windows, and especially unfriendly toward open source platforms, it also has a history of eventually realizing that it must offer its applications on non-Windows operating systems. Just look at the company's long history of delivering Microsoft Office and other applications for the Mac. In the latest news on this front, Microsoft is now offering a Hotmail client for Android.

Mozilla Targets McAfee Add-On As the Cause of Firefox Crashes

If you've been following the past few releases of the Mozilla Firefox browser, you know that some of the recent releases have caused crashing and performance problems. In particular, OStatic readers sounded off in the comments on this post when Firefox 4 was released, reporting problems with add-on compatibility and more. Some of the problems have been attributed to the fact that Mozilla has moved to a rapid release cycle for Firefox in order to compete more closely with Google Chrome. Add-ons are among the primary reasons why many users favor Firefox, and there have been some glitches as new versions of the browser have arrived at a machine gun pace. Now, Mozilla is actually advising users that the McAfee ScriptScan add-on causes a high volume of crashes.

Ubuntu Version 11.10: Days Away Now

As we've reported before, the official release of Ubuntu 11.10, Oneiric Ocelot, is due on October 13th. In addition, many people are already using the beta releases. In case you missed it, at ThisisTheCountdown.com you can track the minutes and seconds leading up to the next major release of Ubuntu, and get QR codes and URL strips. The previous release of Ubuntu, Natty Narwhal, provoked some controversy among users, especially due to its desktop interface, but version 11.10 has some much desired improvements. Here's an updated look at what's under the hood.

Will the Kindle Fire Light a Fire Under Android?

Since releasing its new Kindle Fire tablet last week, which is based on the Android mobile operating system, Amazon hasn't released official numbers for how many of the units it is selling, but there are some reports that the Kindle Fire could become one of the biggest selling Android hardware devices ever. The Cult of Android blog is running a screenshot that it claims is leaked from Amazon and shows that the units are selling at an average rate of over 2,000 units per hour, or over 50,000 per day. If the sales numbers are correct, that would put the Kindle Fire on track to be a bigger seller than the iPad was fresh out of the gate. It goes to show that Amazon's big bet on open source is paying off.

KDE to Say Buh-Bye to Screensavers

kdeKDE just keeps getting better and better. Developers are working on a new screen-locking implementation which will cause screensavers to stop working. So, let's see, in 4.8 we won't be able to turn off compositing effects and now our screensavers will no longer work.

Mozilla Launches 3D Gaming Effort

Did you know that Mozilla is pushing 3D gaming online? According to a Mozilla Labs post, the company is working on a game engine called Gladius, and will be officially introducing it in a few weeks. Mozilla has also built RescueFox, a prototype game, which it says is designed to validate the Gladius game engine. The game works in current versions of Firefox, and Mozilla suggests that you can try it in Chrome and other browsers as well. RescueFox is playable now.

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