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Open Source Census: OSS Adoption Rising in Government and Finance

The Open Source Census has released results from its ongoing tracking of open source trends, and there are some interesting data points being reported.? Founded by OpenLogic, the Open Source Census has a number of sponsors, including market research firm IDC, and is global in scale. Among several notable findings, the census is reporting that government and financial services companies show the highest use of open source per machine scanned. Here are more details.

Wind River CMO Dishes on Symbian, Mobile Linux

Speaking at the Open Source in Mobile conference in Berlin, John Bruggeman, Chief Marketing Officer of Wind River, has delivered some controversial statements. Wind River is a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance behind Android, and a Core Member of LiMo. Bruggerman said that the mobile industry has been confused and misled by the Symbian Foundation announcement, that Linux phones will never be as good as the iPhone, and that many people in the mobile value chain just don't get it. His comments have drawn a response from Symbian. Our sister blog JKOnTheRun has the complete story.

OStatic Buffer Overflow.....

Google releases open source Mac updater software.....

Free Software Foundation creator and GNU founder Richard Stallman rails against cloud computing.....

Zarafa: Open source e-mail gets competitive.....

realXtend open source virtual reality system expands its ecosystem.....

Zimbra's ubiquity play with ISPs.....

The Linux Foundation's Open Invitation Open Source Conference

Computerworld reported today that the Linux Foundation plans to add another conference to its events repertoire -- LinuxCon.

LinuxCon is targeting both developers and users, and will ideally foster new lines of communication between these two groups. Unlike some past Linux Foundation events, which were invitation only, this conference will be open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Acquia Delivers Commercially Supported Drupal

We've reported before on Acquia's effort to deliver a commercially supported version of the popular Drupal content management system (CMS). As of Tuesday morning, Acquia Drupal--the commercially supported version--and Acquia Network--which offers subscription-based access to technical support and remote network services--are live. Acquia has also announced that entry-level subscriptions to the Acquia Network will be free of charge through the end of the year, so that people can try the services. Here are details, and some comments we got from Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal and co-founder of Acquia.

Actuate's Open Source Survey Reveals European OSS Fans

Actuate, a maker of business intelligence, performance management and Java reporting software--and also an active member of the Eclipse Foundation--has just released the preliminary results of its annual open source survey. The survey included about 1,000 business and IT people, and was independently conducted by Survey Interactive. Among the findings, European firms appeared more receptive to open source than other companies around the world, especially in France and Germany.

The Conundrum of Choices and the Linux Learning Curve

Datamation's Matt Hartley revisited the timeless issue of Linux and uniformity-- the infamous question of choice. On one side of the argument, people say that the number of options available is what makes Linux great. The other side says that the array of choices holds Linux back.

Both sides have valid points. Uniformity shouldn't mean giving up options, and choices shouldn't be a scapegoat for what ought to be an expected (but not necessarily painful) learning curve.

Ringside Networks Closes: Lessons to be Learned

Ringside Networks, a startup backed by venture capital from Matrix Partners, has closed up shop, as announced in this blog post. The company, focused on open source social networking, had been seeking more VC funding earlier? this year when it suddenly got interest from a large Internet company in acquiring it. The acquisition fell through as the economy worsened, though, leaving Ringside with no options. Check out the lessons to be learned here--especially in this economy--at GigaOm.

Interview: John VanDyk, Author of Pro Drupal Development

Recently, we did a post on the book Pro Drupal Development, in which we offered the first chapter and contents of the book to everyone as a PDF file. OStatic is based on Drupal-- an extremely powerful, modular open source content management system (CMS) also used by sites such as Fast Company and The Onion. Backed by its own foundation, Drupal is challenging top proprietary CMS packages. We found some time with Pro Drupal Development's author John VanDyk, and he gave us some good insights into Drupal and his book, here below the fold.

Thomson Reuters Takes Virginia to Court over Zotero

Legal news wire service Courthouse News reported recently that Reuters was suing the Commonwealth of Virginia because George Mason University was handing out its proprietary software. Nothing is ever that simple, is it?

George Mason University's Center for History and New Media distributes Zotero, an open source Firefox extension that helps users manage citations found on the web. It performs a similar function as Thomson Reuter's EndNote software. The lawsuit is based on the premise that Zotero's newest beta is able to convert the proprietary EndNote format to the open CSL (Citation Style Language) format. A lawsuit over a file format conversion?

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