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Moblin Arrives in Beta 2.0 Version, Works With Netbooks

Moblin, the open source mobile platform launched by Intel and now overseen by The Linux Foundation, is out in a beta version 2.0. The platform has been gaining a lot of momentum, with Acer announcing that it will put it on a broad range of laptops, netbooks and PCs, Moblin mediaphone devices in the works, in-car infotainment systems based on it, and more. According to a blog post from Moblin.org, the beta version is aimed at netbooks and nettops for developer testing.

Bsquare Has An Adobe Flash Browser Plug-In for Android Devices

Recently, we covered the announcement of HTC's Hero smartphone, and Adobe's partnership with HTC to make sure that the Hero runs Flash technology. According to Adobe, over 80 percent of all videos delivered online are based on Flash, and users of the Hero will be able to watch YouTube and other video content seamlessly on their smartphones. Now, Bsquare has announced the development of an Adobe Flash browser plug-in for ARM-based devices running Google?s Android 1.5 ?Cupcake? platform. BSquare's port of Flash technology is likely to be adopted by many of the companies delivering Android-based smartphones and netbooks this year.?

Acquia, Which Provides Commercial Drupal Support, Delivers Search

We've covered Acquia, which delivers commercial support for the powerful Drupal content management system a number of times. Acquia also delivers its own distribution of Drupal, and the company's co-founder (and also founder of Drupal) Dries Buytaert has now announced that the company has come out of beta testing with its version of Acquia Search. It's available at no cost as part of every Acquia Network subscription. If you're looking for a free, open source tool to run a web site, and need solid search and inexpensive support, the one-two punch that Drupal and Acquia offer may be just right for you.?

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5


Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 today, roughly one month since it was pushed out as a Release Candidate. The major update delivers several new features and performance improvements that make this new version one you won't want to miss.

Firefox 3.5 is designed with new Web standards in mind and contains support for new Web technologies that will make it more interactive and speedier. Indeed, our own Sam Dean took the beta version out for a spin and was happy enough with the speed to use it as my primary browser and reach for an older Firefox version when I need extensions.


OStatic Buffer Overflow...

PHP 5.3.0 released. New features include namespaces, closures, optional garbage collection for cyclic references, new extensions, and there are many bug fixes.

Red Hat seeks to certify the cloud--Q&A. Mike Evans, Red Hat's vice president of Corporate Development, on the company's cloud strategy.

KDE's Aaron Seigo gives sneak peek at version 4.3. Here's a screencast on the upcoming release.

Will Stallman C# warning fall flat? Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation says C# and Mono are a Microsoft conspiracy.

Building a Linux App Store: Can You Help? Isn't there room for one?

Linux.conf.au Call for Papers and Miniconfs


Although the next Linux.conf.au isn't until January, 2010, it's never too early to start planning. Conference organizers have put out a call for papers and miniconfs so if you've got an idea you want to share, now's the time to put together your proposals.

Past conferences have proven to be very popular with the FOSS community and draw speakers from all over the world, including Jon maddog Hall and Bdale Garbee. Linus Torvalds has even been known to make an appearance or two. Benjamin Mako Hill, is the first scheduled speaker slated to attend next year's event in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sugar on a Stick, the OLPC OS, Now Downloadable

As JKOnTheRun notes, The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) operating system is now downloadable and fits on a USB thumb drive. You can download it, dubbed Sugar on a Stick at the Sugar Labs site. If you do download the operating system to a USB thumb drive, you can use the operating system in tandem with others you have installed on laptops, netbooks, or any other USB-enabled device.

Android NDK Could Help Usher in More Useful Applications

Google's announcement last week of its Native Development Kit for Android could be a significant step in ushering in important applications. The Android 1.5 Native Development Kit (NDK) lets developers implement parts of applications using native languages such as C and C++. Android applications run in the Dalvik virtual machine, but the new NDK will allow developers to call native code in such a way that they can create high-performance applications running directly on Android's Linux base.

As Dell and Acer Duke it Out, Their Open Source Stances Matter

For so many years, Taiwan-based Acer was an under-the-radar computer manufacturer. Although it has been the number three player, behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell, for a long time, even the company's previous business strategy tended to keep it anonymous. Acer used to make computers that other companies would put their brands on. It was better known overseas than in the United States.

All that is changing now--big time--and how both Dell and Acer approach open source is an important component of the competition between the two companies. As The New York Times reports, Acer now stands a good chance of surpassing Dell as the number two computer manufacturer. Among other things, Acer made shrewd moves in the laptop arena, particularly when it comes to netbooks.

Mozilla Japan Uses Firefox to Promote Nature Conservancy


As the release of Firefox 3.5 approaches (codenamed Shiretoko), Mozilla Japan has come up with a unique way to promote the version. They've teamed up with Japan's Shiretoko Nature Foundation and designed an interactive Web site named Discover Shiretoko that teaches visitors about the new browser version as well as the national park after which it was named.

Shiretoko and Firefox: A Story in Four Parts examines how Firefox and the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site have more in common that it may seem at first glance. Both, for instance, rely heavily on the power of the volunteer community.


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