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TDF Releases Getting Started Guide for LibreOffice 3.4

libreofficeGetting Started with OpenOffice.org was a handy user guide chocked full of information on the care and feeding of the Open Source office suite. But like the suite itself, it has been superseded by the efforts of The Document Foundation. With updates, rewrites, and the addition of illustrations and images for 3.4, reading up on the popular application is easier than ever.

Google Shutters Several Projects, Including Picasa for Linux

Ever since its inception, Google has been known for its throwing spaghetti at the wall approach to new product development. It throws spaghetti at the wall, and sees what sticks. The company consistently shuts down projects that it has started, and doesn't necessarily need to be criticized for the practice. It is apparently part of how Google retains a startup-like focus on new products. The company has announced its latest round of projects that will be shuttered, and the list includes Picasa for Linux.

Mozilla's Plans to Compete in the Smartphone Market Are Advancing

For quite some time now, Mozilla has been ramping up its effort to become a serious player in the mobile operating system and smartphone arenas. We've covered the company's Boot to Gecko platform -- an open, web-centric operating environment centered on the Gecko rendering engine -- and we covered Mozilla's alliance with Telefonica and Qualcomm to develop smartphones based on Boot to Gecko. Now, Mozilla and Telefonica have announced that the first Boot to Gecko smartphones will arrive later this year or early next, focused on Latin America to begin with.

VMware CEO Sees OpenStack as Lacking Maturity

Earlier this week, we covered a post from VMware that seemed to brush off all three of the emerging open source cloud computing platforms that are gaining such strong momentum, namely OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus. The post, on VMware's VCloud Blog, characterized the open source cloud computing platforms as the ugly sisters, and noted that there are now more than 100 verified VMware vCloud public clouds. ᅠ This week, as VMware posted strong financial results, CEO Paul Maritz was asked about OpenStack in particular, which he seems to feel lacks maturity. ᅠ

Android App Player for PCs Out in First Beta Version

When the Android mobile OS (which isn't very old) was in its infancy, many critics expressed concerns that Apple had an insurmountable advantage with its App Store, and that the sheer number of available apps for the iPhone would ensure its dominance. Since then, the Android app ecosystem has absolutely flourished, and Google is stepping up its focus on Android apps and tools through Google Play.

Whether you're already well-versed in Android apps or new to them, did you know that you can easily run the apps on a Windows computer?ᅠ BlueStacks App Player is a free download for Windows users, and is coming soon in a Mac version. It's out in an official beta version, and there are useful videos available that make it easy to set up and use.

Mageia 2 Beta 3, Return of the Live CD

mageiaMageia 2 Beta 3 was announced yesterday and with it came its final design and the return of the live media. After about a half dozen developmental versions, the Mageia team is finally in the homestretch of this their second major release. All their hard work is really starting to pay off, but they're not finished just yet.

Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Named a Technology Laureate

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has recieved one of the technology commmunity's highest honors: He's been named a Millennium Technology Prize laureate by the Technology Academy of Finland. Candidates for laureate status are considered from all around the world, in all fields of technology, with prize winners named from the small pool of laureates every two years. Here is more on Torvalds' laureate status and chance at the prize, including input from The Linux Foundation.

Amazon Muscles Up in the Cloud with New Partner Program

As reported here yesterday, proprietary cloud computing players VMware and Amazon are hearing footsteps at their back from emerging open source cloud computing platforms. Citrix's CloudStack, OpenStack and Eucalyptus Systems are developing into flexible, well supported alternatives to proprietary platforms. And now Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is undoubtedly the 800-pound gorilla in terms of cloud platforms, has announced a beta version of its AWS Partner Program. The move to build out a large ecosystem of partners is being widely interpreted as an answer to OpenStack, which has gathered more than 150 high-profile partners around its cloud platform.

Chrome for Android Out in New Beta

Google is out with an update to its Chrome for Android browser, aimed at Android phones as well as tablets, and it includes a major set of new features. The new release is officially still a beta, but many Android users will want to get it. Here is more on what's under the hood.

VMware Blog Post Targets Open Source Cloud Platforms

Last year, Citrix Systems announced that it had completed the acquisition of Cloud.com. Cloud.com had many notable customers who favored its cloud stack infrastructure, including GoDaddy and Zynga. That acquisition has helped fuel Citrix's recent big move forward with CloudStack, its contribution of the Cloudstack platform as open source to Apache, and its choice to abandon the open source OpenStack cloud platform. Meanwhile, OpenStack and Eucalyptus are making clear that there are multiple viable open source cloud computing platforms available.

That last fact must not be lost on VMware, which has to be sensing that open source cloud computing platforms--which come complete with free virtualization tools--have the potential to eat its lunch. A new blog post seems to confirm that.

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