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glassfish is webserver?

glassfish is webserver or ejb server?

ANN weights

How to store neural network weights after training process using neuronDotNet tool to be used later in testing ?

how can i download clamwin source code???

how can i download clamwin source code???

Any tools similar to DB designer ?

I used DB designed for mysql schema design & for table relationship diagrams. But its not good I feel. Can anybody suggest me any oth...

Tree structure in FreeMind?

Some Mind mapping tools let you generate a tree-structure document - a bulleted/indented list, basically, with a basic hierarchy. Any idea how I c...

how can i get the free classfish space?

I have 420points ,but 2 month pass ,I have not receive the response from ostatic.

who know why

sms appl in java

can some one guide to build application for sending and recieving sms
in java

About the free glassfish host

I submitted my information to apply the free host. But a few days past, no response got.

Today I saw the promotion has been close...

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