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How do I test my network speed?

How do I test my network speed? What are the best sites to do so?

Open Source Google Desktop Search?

I'm beginning to get weary of Google controlling ALL my personal data. Today I can't live without Google services and they know EVERYTHING about m...

ASP.Net based online forum software

My website runs on ASP.NET.

I am looking for a forum software that I can use on it.

What software options for working with a distributed team?

Hi - I am looking for setting up the basic infrastructure that will allow me to work with and manage a remote team. We currently have our code hos...

Apple in the TV room?

Apple in the TV room? NY Times has an article about Apple TV, any scoop?

Any Lan messenger which is good for office ??

Want Lan Messenger that can be use in office for basic communication?

Command Timed Out Error on OOo 2.4?

I recently upgraded to Leopard and everytime I start OOo it gives me a "Command Time Out" error. It doesn't really effect the functionality/perfor...

Looking to take a snapshot of a web page

Hello! I need to take a few sceenshots of documentation web pages for a presentation. On windows, I can take a screenshot using the print screen ...

Open Source Web Spreadsheet?

Are there any open source web based spreadsheet implementations which can be setup in the intranet?

How do I remove search providers on firefox ?

So, firefox's default search providers list has 7 providers - Google, Yahoo, Answers.com, Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon and Creative Commons. I would li...

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