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How Does the Cloud Help in Reducing the Management and Maintenance Costs?

Hi guys, I work in a small start-up and I am not a techie. However I am interested in the business end of the cloud. Now I hear in every cloud pres...

Is the Amazon S3 Storage Ideal for Hosting a Targeted Media Service?

If I am planning to host a media service (a targeted one, not required to be very huge) should I consider using the Amazon S3 storage database? If ...

Google App Engine vs Amazon Web Services?

If you have to pin down the limitations of Google App Engine vis-?-vis AWS what would be your takes?

How Can I Upload a File from the Google App Engine to Another Website?

Hi guys, recently I needed to upload a file from the Google App Engine to another website. However, whenever I am trying to do it, it is throwing u...

What Kinds of Apps are Easier to Port to AWS?

Guys thanks very much for your answers. Now I have another pretty naive, ground level query regarding AWS. What kind of apps should be ported to AW...

your advice

I would to ask about the blender 2.5 beta version and 2.49b which better in the features ?
cause I have been used the 2.5 beta but...

What is the Best Database for Creating a Photography Application in the Cloud?

We are planning to create a photography application in where the users can interact with each other (tag, comment, download, sync etc). Now what wo...

What are the best cloud APIs?

Guys, let's start a thread. What are the best cloud APIs according to you?

Should I Host a Facebook Application in AWS?

We are developing a Facebook app. It's a simple, addictive game, which is expected to grow over a time (We estimate that about in about 6 months ti...

How to Host a PHP-based Application in Google App Engine?

I am planning to create an app in GAE. The catch is, it will be based in PHP. Any idea on how to do it?

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