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Cloud server vis-a-vis a physical server?

Another query is, where-ever I read about cloud, the first thing that comes up is the concern over security. Now if that is the thing, why should w...

Cloud support for Microsoft Stacks?

What cloud computing providers support Microsoft Stacks?

What is the cheapest cloud provider?

Hi guys, I am new to the cloud and I need to port an app (which provides some simple transaction related services) to the cloud. What would be my c...

PHP best for social networking websites?

This is a general question. Do you guys think that php is the best tool for creating a social website?

Dropbox alternatives?

I am looking for a Dropbox alternative. Any suggestions?

Searching Kindle version of a book through ISBN?

Say I know the ISBN of a book. Now how can search whether the Kindle version of that book is available or not?

What are the Best WYSIWYG Editors?

What are the best WYSIWYG editors available?

When not to use the cloud?

I know that this is the time when everybody is talking about the cloud. However, could there be some situations when we would actually refrain from...

CSS3 Editor?

Is there any CSS3 editor?


When I try to transfer a file using cyberfusion - I get an error message that says that the node and profile combination are not correct. What is ...

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