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Cloud server, traffic increase and instances

Hi people, I host a site on a cloud server and recently observing some traffic increase to the site (thankfully!). My question is, do I need to ins...

Hosting on remote servers affects page ranking?

Also another one guys. Just curious, if I host my website on cloud-based servers, would it affect my Google page ranking? Thanks.

Porting a MYSQL app to the Cloud

Hi guys hope you are having a great holiday. I just have one query. I am have an app that was created using using MySQL. Any idea on how can I port...

Syncing Virtual Hard Drives

HI guys, is it possible to sync various virtual hard drives?

Cross Browser Javascript Library?

Guys, was just wondering if there is Is any cross browser Javascript library?

Cross Browsing File Opening Method?

Also, is there any uniform, cross browser way to open a file?

Google C2DM framework

HI, thanks for your answer. I just have one more query. Is it possible to access the C2DM framework without Google’s permission? Thanks.

configure errors

I'm trying to compile kgforth. I have a error message as follows:
'no acceptable cc found in $PATH'
Please advise.
NOTE: I have ...

Mobile, Cloud, and Disruptive Technology

Hi guys, I have been reading about mobile cloud a lot recently. My query is, can we say that the mobile cloud is a "disruptive technology?" What do...

Small files in cloud storage

Hi guys, I just visited this site and it's a very good one. Was just wondering if you guys could help me regarding counting the total used space fo...

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