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Are there Any Cloud-based Alternatives for GIMP?

Guys I have been using Ubuntu for sometime and it is excellent (for a user like me!). However, I want to know if I could find a full fledged cloud-...

Are There Any Cloud-based Services to Access Twitter?

Is it possible to access the Twitter via the cloud in some way? In my office they have recently blocked everything except some very specific websit...

What are the Cloud-based Alternatives for Windows Movie Maker?

Hi guys, are there any cloud-based alternatives for Windows Movie Maker? I just need the basic functionalities.

Why are Not There Any Real Cloud-based Photoshop Alternatives Yet?

I am in the media industry and I use a lot of online tools. While most of them work perfect I have one issue with image editors. Yes there are lots...

Every SaaS is a Cloud, But Every Cloud is Not a SaaS?

Every other article I see almost invariably links up the cloud with SaaS. Would it be fair to say that every SaaS is a cloud, but every cloud is no...

Cloud Alternative for VLC?

Hi guys, can you please suggest me the best cloud based alternative for a cloud-based alternative for the VLC player?


What is Google Sitemap Generator?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Development?

I just wanted to start a thread here. We all know that remote development is the rage (and increasingly so). Now what do you think would be the adv...

What are the Implications of the Recent Amazon Cloud Crash?

I just wanted to start a thread here, but saw Kevin has done that already as my query also involves cloud! Anyway, it's different, so I would go on...

How to get the sitemap of a website?


How to get the sitemap of a website?
Please help


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