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Dropbox vis-a-vis Google Docs

Can you please tell me what exactly are the advantages of Dropbox provided I am always online? In fact I see more advantages in Google Docs. For in...

Dropbox Alternative

Hi, can you suggest me a Dropbox like service that syncs files across various machines in the LAN? Ideally one that provide more free storage.


How can I create a cloud storage through old hard drives?

Have been thinking this for a while. I have a pile of old hard drives (external) lying at my home. Is it by any means possible to create my own clo...

Is it possible to see the revision history of a file in Dropbox?

I have recently started using Dropbox and I must say it is extremely useful. I have only one small doubt. Is it possible to see the revision histor...

How to sync between Dropbox and Skydrive?

Is it possible to directly duplicate Dropbox?s data into another cloud service automatically? I know I may be sounding a bit of a paranoid, but I a...

Moving Data to Cloud Post a Hardware Failure

Recently my hardware had crashed and with that many valuable files. I have managed to get out of the soup a bit sense some of the files were stored...

How to Sync in Google Docs and Dropbox

Is there any online service to sync files across Google docs and Dropbox simultaneously?

Tornido As a Dropbox alternative?

I have been using Dropbox for a while and have been quite happy with it. However, post the password hacking thing I have been trying to look a bit ...

Cloud and Updated Hardware

In case of cloud storage, if needed, would I get updated hardware on-the-fly?

Dropbox alternatives?

I am looking for a Dropbox alternative. Any suggestions?

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