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What is the best method for installing MySQL on Ubuntu 10.10?

I've recently installed Ubuntu on 10.10 and decided to install MySQL so that I can do some LAMP programming. I've now done 3 separate installs of M...

Web Based Open Source Report Writer


Who can recommend a report writer that is simple to learn/use for a non-programmer? It should be able to access MySQL and run on a Linux...

PhpMyAdmin Error

Trying to fix the problem causing this error message, "Your PHP MySQL library version 5.1.54 differs from your MySQL server version 5.5.7. This may...

Porting a MYSQL app to the Cloud

Hi guys hope you are having a great holiday. I just have one query. I am have an app that was created using using MySQL. Any idea on how can I port...

Web development - Perl, Mason - software outsourcing from Cluj-Napoca, Romanian

Are you looking for quality custom software development services - outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring and Web development in Perl? Our company ...

HL7 interfacing with the database

Hi any body please send me the source code to fetch the records from the database through HAPI.

Using hapi in java applications is bit tough...

regarding mysql in redhat 5.0

hiii am selvaraj,
am learning mysql by myself..

i have chose redhat 5.0 and installed mysql

when i give the command


redhat linux

Dear sir,
am selnikraj, am working with linux with 2 months..
can anyone suggest me about how to confirm my instalation of mysql is cor...

Project to replace code-generated web business application

Hello, I am basically working a project where the proprietors were taken to the cleaners by a programmer-wannabe. The current web application deplo...

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