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Problem in Printing From Google Doc via Windows and Mac

I saved a document in Google docs and then tried to print it form there on a different machine. (I had saved the doc from a Windows machine and the...

Converting pdf documents into editable word/ooo docs for the Mac?

Any apps out there that allow you to do this for the MAC? Preferably, free/os apps...

Putty equivalent for the Mac?

I currently use putty for SSH connections through windows. Is there a similar product available for the mac?

Opening sevenzip (.7z) files on the mac?

Can't seem to unzip these files on the Mac (using Leopard) and i don't have parallels/Fusion. Any ideas on how I can get this done?

Mac Mail Icon in Dock not working properly

My Mac Mail icon no longer indicates when I have a new message. (This only started a couple of days ago; prior to that a very small box would appea...

How to virtualize Ubuntu Servers on Mac OS?

Also, in the same vein, is it possible to virtualize Ubuntu servers on Mac OS?

How to Sync Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu Machines Using the Cloud?

Hi guys, is it possible to sync different OS-run computers over the cloud? I have a MacBook, a Dell Lattitude (Windows 7), and a Ubuntu machine whi...

Syncing Apple Address Book contacts to Windows Phone 7 via the cloud?

I work in the media and use a Mac (naturally). Problem is, recently I received a Windows Phone 7 and it seems there is no way to sync my Apple Add...


you recently wrote an article about boxee and i've been playing around with it lately. I have a MBP with an external display, but i cannot figure o...

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