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How to Do Cross Browser Coding?

Is it possible to code an application once and for all and then dump it across Chrome, Firefox, IE and any other browser?

How to Play YouTube on Ubuntu?

Recently I needed to work on an Ubuntu machine. Everything was fine till I tried to play YouTube. The videos simply did not run on it. Am I missing...

How to Sync Add-ons on Firefox Beta?

How can I sync add-ons on my Firefox 4 beta? Is it at all possible, I am able to sync everything else, except the add-ons?

Is it just me or is Firefox 3 crashing all the time?

Its been less than 24 hours since I started using this - slick interface and much faster (THANK GOD!) than 2.0 but it keeps crashing - this has hap...

firefox and iopus imacros

I added the imacros add-in but don't see the imacros icon to start imacros in firefox. What can I do. I installed it also in ie and that works fine...

Is Firefox 3.x slow & resource-hungry?

I've noticed that Firefox 3 is slower than the earlier versions & seems to be more resource-hungry. I'm thinking about permanently switching ov...

How can I get my existing Firefox 3.0 add-ons to automatically update to be compatible with Firefox 3.5?

Firefox 3.5 has been great but more than half my Firefox plug-ins are broken! Add-Ons like Alexa sparky and Google desktop search haven't been wor...

Chrome started to not work after some virus/trojan problem. Any idea why?

I have installed chrome last week.. It was working fine at that time. There was a torjan/virus infection on my winlogon.exe recently and I realized...

how can i use the iim files

i was trying to use a bot in mobster on myspace cant seen to get them working

How do I remove search providers on firefox ?

So, firefox's default search providers list has 7 providers - Google, Yahoo, Answers.com, Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon and Creative Commons. I would li...

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