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Large File Uploading Problem in Amazon S3

Is it possible to upload very large files in Amazon S3? I have a 7GB file and I am getting repeated error messages while trying to upload it. Any i...

How to Upload Files in the Cloud via FTP

Is there a way to upload files to a cloud storage via FTP?

Moving Data to Cloud Post a Hardware Failure

Recently my hardware had crashed and with that many valuable files. I have managed to get out of the soup a bit sense some of the files were stored...

Downloading File from a Cloud OS

Is it possible to download files locally/natively from a cloud OS? Or do I have to rely on some web app to web app solution? Are there any such thi...

How to Sync Files With Amazon S3?

I have certain files on my laptop that I want to with Amazon S3? Are there any tools for that?

How to Mount Files via a Browser?

I was wondering if there were any web services that enables one to mount files as a file system via a web browser?

How Does Dropbox Handle File Editing?

For a while I have been using Dropbox. Now I was just wondering how does Dropbox handle editing? For instance if I do minor editing for a file will...

Splitting and Joining Files in Amazon S3?

Is it possible to split and reconnect the same files (large ones) in Amazon S3, using the same software/application?

Dropbox alternatives?

I am looking for a Dropbox alternative. Any suggestions?

What is the Limit of the HDFS Directory in Hadoop?

Guys I have just started using Hadoop and the thing I am confused about is its limit. How many files and directories could be stored in HDFS? Is it...

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