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How can I block ads in Chrome?

I actually have two questions. Question one, I know that Google Chrome has an in-built ad pop-up blocker. Still though I often find ads sneaking in...

Visiting recently viewed pages in Chrome

Is it possible to save recently visited pages in Chrome? Like the way it used to be in the earlier avatar of Chrome.

How to store unencrypted passwords in Chrome?

Is it possible to store the web passwords encrypted in Chrome in an un-encrypted only format?

How to Enable or Disable the Download Bar in Chrome?

Whenever I download something in Chrome there is this nice feature called the download bar. However, I am just wondering if it would be possible to...

Google Chrome Not Letting Me Log-in to My GMail Account

I love the Chrome browser. But recently I came across a strange problem. While trying to log-in to GMail via Chrome from a public computer I got an...

How does the Chrome OS filesystem work?

How can I access the advanced filesystem in Chrome OS?

How to view the source code in Google Chrome?

In Internet Explorer I can use the "View Source" feature to see the source code of a website. Any idea, how to do it?

How to Sync the Chrome Dictionary Across Multiple Computers?

I started as a IE user, but have completely shifted to Chrome. Now I just need one small help. Is it possible to sync the Chrome dictionary across ...

How to Bypass Pop Ups via the Chrome API?

There are some sites that block the pop-ups, sites without a pop-up exception that is. Now is there any way I can bypass this for an extension thro...

How to Set English as Default Language on Chrome?

When I am visiting a particular website through my Chrome browser, the content on it is getting displayed in a regional language. Off course I can ...

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