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File Manager for Amazon S3

What is the best file manager for tracking my files in Amazon S3?

Problem With Streaming Flash Content via Amazon S3 Bucket

I have a Amazon S3 bucket which works perfectly for everything else except streaming Flash content. Any idea why?

URL confusion for services that are hosted in AWS and used via a third party server

Say service X is hosted in AWS and it is being used via Facebook/MySpace. Now when it is being used, will its URL come from the Facebook/MySpace se...

What are the cheaper alternative for Amazon EC2?

Is there a cheaper alternative for Amazon EC2? The reason I ask this is because I think Amazon is a bit costly for businesses with relatively smal...

What are the top security concerns for a cloud application?

What are the top security issues that one should consider before moving an application to a cloud service like S3 (or anything else for that matter...

How can I allocate different virtual machines in Amazon EC2?

Hi guys, is it possible to allocate different virtual machines to different people (i.e. say for ?help desk? and ?front end?) in EC2? If yes, how?<...

Hosting a Facebook Application in the Cloud

For a Facebook app that is expected to see a hockey-stick growth soon enough what would be the better cloud service - AWS or Azure?

How to Sync Files With Amazon S3?

I have certain files on my laptop that I want to with Amazon S3? Are there any tools for that?

How to Scale Traffic in Amazon S3?

Say an application is memory intensive and it is still expected to handle sudden traffic spikes. Now what would be the best way to handle/scale the...

Does Azure Have Something Like the ?Regions? in AWS?

Guys, guess this is a bit inspired by the AWS cloud outage event sometime back. My query is, does Azure have something like the ?regions? in AWS in...

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