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Using GAE Code in Another Cloud Environment?

Is it possible to use the same code that was used in GAE to write the app into another cloud environment?

Single Host, Multiple Applications

Is it possible to host two separate applications/websites on the same host?

Best Cloud Service for Hosting a Scalable PHP Application?

For a PHP app that is likely to demand on-demand scalability, what is the best cloud server to host it?

Cloud based tool to manage Twitter

Is there any cloud based application/tool to organize my Twitter account?

What are the top security concerns for a cloud application?

What are the top security issues that one should consider before moving an application to a cloud service like S3 (or anything else for that matter...

What are the Best Frameworks for A Cloud Application?

This is a kind of a general query. For a simple cloud app, what you consider to be the best framework?

How to Sync a Desktop Photo Managing Application with Dropbox?

I am a bit of a photo buff and have lots of images on my computer. However, i would like to sync them in cloud. I have a Dropbox account as well an...

Does it Take Longer to Deploy An Application in Azure?

I have been trying to deploy an application in Azure and it seems to be taking an eternity. I have deployed something earlier on AWS and it was not...

Google+ API for 3rd party developers?

Also I wanted to know if there is a Google + API for 3rd party developers yet? I have searched for it, but it seems that there is no such thing.

File Storage in the Cloud?

How does file storage system work in cloud servers?

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