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Do I have to disclose code because of a GPL control used in a .Net App?

We have used a GPL control in my .Net application which we're planning on selling.

If I reference this control in an assembly and use that a...

Open Source Job Boards?

We have a bunch of full-time and part time projects, as part of our consulting business, but its getting harder to staff our projects through the u...

Open Source Business Intelligence/Reporting Tools?

I'm looking for something that can easily process flat files from a variety of sources - quickbooks, excel sheets, sugarCRM - easy to install and i...

Still vaporware?

Enomalism has been vaporware for years... has anyone actually managed to get it working yet? Seems to be all bark and no bite :(

Which iPods are supported by RockBox?

Which iPod models are supported by RockBox?

start xbrlapi

i really don't how to start with the xbrlapi,i think i need more detail information to run it .thanks very much!

A good free screen sharing application for Mac & PC collaboration?

I'm looking for an app that allows for screen sharing between Macs and PCs. The features I'm looking for:

1. Easy, single-click download on...

Apache question

Hi there,

Does anyone know what Apache is and how it actually works? I have been fiddling with my Wordpress htaccess file for a while, even ...

Hulu on my iPhone

I am an avid hulu watcher myself, but the issue i am having when watching the program on my MyVu and iphone it hangs a lot and buffers and i know i...



I want to develop an app. I would like to outsource it. Problem is that, I am not able to decide on whether I want it coded in PHP or CG...

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