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Open Source Software - Eclipse Theme  Eclipse Theme

Eclipse is a simple and elegant theme.

Open Source Software - 6nome  6nome

6nome is a theme loosely based on the background of the GNOME logo. The Metacity theme has embossed title text, and features the GNOME footprint as th...

Open Source Software - kbfx  kbfx

KBFX started as a small hobby project born out of a spontaneous idea. KBFX is meant to be a kicker bar menu button replacement on KDE (K Desktop Envir...

Open Source Software - bluecrux  bluecrux

BlueCrux is inspired by the Sawfish Crux theme. It is partially based on the Eazel-blue IceWM themes pixmaps.

Open Source Software - matrixhackerstheme  matrixhackerstheme

Matrix Reloaded Hackers Theme is an elite green theme inspired by the scene featuring Trinity hacking in The Matrix Reloaded.

Open Source Software - carnaval  carnaval

carnaval is a Windowmaker theme inspired by a photograph of the Carnaval de Venise by Roger Beau.

Open Source Software - kde-redhat  kde-redhat

This project intends to promote the use of KDE and KDE-based applications on/for Fedoraxe2?xa2 Core and Red Hatxc2xae Enterprise Linuxxc2xae through t...

Open Source Software - icequa  icequa

IceQua is a nice Aqua-style theme. It is not meant to be an Aqua lookalike, but just a theme utilizing aqua elements. It is clean, easy to use, and br...

Open Source Software - gtk-xfce-engine  gtk-xfce-engine

gtk-xfce-engine is a theme engine for GTK+ 2.x. Several themes are included in the package.

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