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Trinity Updated, Welcoming Microsoft, Munich Backslide

windows-logo-ccKDE 3 clone Trinity recently updated their desktop software with GCC 6 compatibility. Elsewhere, Munich is thinking of switching their systems back to Windows and Office after switching to Linux and LibreOffice nearly 10 years ago. Some agencies are reporting decreased productivity since the switch. Matt Hartley discussed the advantages for Linux in a partnership with Microsoft and Sam Varghese has been covering SUSE at SUSECon 2016 this week. And AlienBob is back from hiatus with a new Plasma 5 release and plans for a new ISO.

HPE Donates Hardware to Debian Project, GNOME Sans systemd

DebianThe Debian project today announced the in-kind donation of several servers to boost reliability of Debian's core infrastructure. The new hardware will be deployed in Canada, US, and Australia to replace some aging machines as well as expand core services and storage. In other news, a new project aims to provide GNOME 3.22 to Slackware without systemd or Wayland, right as a new ugly systemd bug gives another reason to avoid it. Mageia bid farewell to a lost friend and contributor today and Matt Hartley shared his picks for best firewall distribution.

Ubuntu Infringing, AlienBob Quits, Linus' Laptop

slackwareThe top story today proves once again that Hollywood has way too much power. A DMCA takedown request to Google, to which they relented, included an address to Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. In other news, Slackware developer and Slackware Live founder Eric AlienBob Hameleers has given his notice and Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Alpha 2 was released. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols spoke to Linus Torvalds about his development computer and Matt Hartley posted some ideas for the perfect Linux desktop.

NOAA Breaks Weather Apps, Slackware Updates, Valve @ 20

slackwareThe LinuxCon headlines continue to dominate but, more importantly, our desktop weather apps are broken thanks to NOAA decommissioning the site. Liam Dawe looked back at 20 years of Valve and Sebastian sebas K?gler introduced new KDE kscreen-doctor. Slackware rolled out some updates including a rare kernel upgrade and The VAR Guy wants to hear about your first time.

LinuxCon & 25 Years, New Slack Live, Gentoo's Demise

tuxAll the talk of the last couple of days has been about Linux and LinuxCon. As Linux celebrates 25 years, big names gather to remember the past and plan for the future. Even Microsoft is getting in on the act. Elsewhere, Eric Hameleers released a new Slackware Live based on the latest Slackware-current and Jack Germain said Slackware 14.2 doesn't cut newbies any Slack. Jim Lynch picked up on a conversation discussing the slow but steady demise of Gentoo as the community said farewell to a passing friend. Distrowatch.com carried a review of Gentoo 20160514 Live and Mint 18 KDE Beta was released.

Debian is 23, Why use Geeko, Business Distros

DebianToday was Debian Day as fans all over the World celebrated the Linux project's birthday. Debian is 23 today, having been officially recognized as beginning August 16, 1993. Elsewhere, Bruce Byfield posted six Linux suggestions for businesses and Bertel King, Jr. listed six reasons to use openSUSE. Laura Abbott shared some tips for getting started with the Kernel project and My Linux Rig interviewed Andrew Conway, astronomer and Slackware user.

OpenMandriva 3.0, Google Linux Snub, TCP Vulnerability

openmandrivaOpenMandriva Lx 3.0 was announced Saturday with Linux 4.6.5, Plasma 5.6.5, and systemd 231. An early reviewer said he liked OpenMandriva but Plasma not as much. Elsewhere all anyone can seem to talk about is Google's decision to use something other than Linux to power its next embedded devices and a TCP vulnerability that could allow remote hijacking of Internet traffic. Patrick Volkerding has upgraded the toolchain in Slackware-current and Red Hat security expert said you can't trust any networks anywhere.

Slack 14.2 & Korora 23 Reviewed, Distros for Average Joe

kororaJesse Smith reviewed Slackware 14.2 in today's Distrowatch Weekly, saying it was stable as always if a bit dated topping Monday's Linux news. Elsewhere, The Everyday Linux User listed his top five distributions for the everyday Linux user and DarkDuck test drove Korora 23 Live. Christine Hall gave Mint 18 a solid meh and OpenBSD kicked Linux to the curb.

You & Linux, Small Business Distros, FreeDOS

tuxThe Linux Voice asked readers today, How did you discover Linux? Many of the comments are from those who started in the mid 1990's or earlier. ComputerWorld featured an interview with Jim Hall who's been spearheading the project to keep FreeDOS alive and TechRadar recommended the best distributions for small business. Elsewhere, the next Slackware will use UTF-8 by default and Dedoimedo said, Linux is slowly killing itself.

Mint a Pity, 4 Pure OS Distros, 32-bit Alternatives

slackwareMint 18 is batting about .500 with the latest reviewer not exactly pleased. makeuseof.com posted of four distributions that are completely Open Source and Matt Hartley compiled a list of 32-bit Ubuntu alternatives. Neil Rickert posted some more notes on Slackware 14.2 and I'll add my own as well.

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