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KDE to Celebrate 15th Birthday

kdeKDE is having a global birthday party to celebrate 15 years and everyone is invited. Well, since we all can't actually get together in one spot, they'd like to inspire a bunch of parties happening simultaneously across the globe on October 14.

KDE to Say Buh-Bye to Screensavers

kdeKDE just keeps getting better and better. Developers are working on a new screen-locking implementation which will cause screensavers to stop working. So, let's see, in 4.8 we won't be able to turn off compositing effects and now our screensavers will no longer work.

PC-BSD 9.0 on its Way

pcbsdPC-BSD is the Ubuntu of the free BSD world. It features an easy install (similar to Anaconda), with a nice default system, and usually gives no reason to fiddle under the bonnet. Version 9.0 is currently in development and Beta 2 was recently released.

KDE Performance Boost Ahead

kdeHave you experienced performance issues when using KDE? If so, then you aren't the only one. While things have been improving as KDE 4 matures, some users still have registered complaints. And one KDE hacker is trying to address them.

My Favorite Little Games

gaming Little games is a term I use to describe those that are quick to start, easy to play, and quick to exit. These are the ones that usually come installed by default with most Linux distributions. Some have GNOME and KDE counterparts, but all are fun. Here are a few of my favorites.

Torvalds Dumps GNOME for Xfce

linuxLinux users seem to be interested in what our de facto leader uses on his desktop. In 2005 KDE users reveled when Linus said, just ...use KDE. ? Later on in 2009 GNOME users returned the nose rubbing when he said, I switched to GNOME. ? Well, both groups can now sulk together because Linus has switched again and this time he's using Xfce.

New Pup is Born, Dolphin 2.0

kdeDolphin, that underappreciated file manager shipped with KDE, has had a hard time. Many users didn't want it in the first place. Many were upset that it replaced Konqueror as the default file manager. Some have real complaints and will never be happy with it.? But those who use Dolphin might be happy with some of the newest changes coming in KDE 4.8.

PCLinuxOS 2011.07 MiniMe KDE Released

pclosThe newest MiniMe from PCLinuxOS is now available. MiniMe is a fully capable operating system but comes with less software than the full PCLinuxOS spins. The main idea is to allow a user to personalize their system without having to uninstall too much before actually installing their choices.

Linux Mint 11 KDE to Be Based on Debian, Maybe

mintLinux Mint 11 GNOME was released nearly two months ago. Some of us have been waiting for the KDE version to test (and possibly use) and wonder where it is. Today a blog post by Clem gives a clue.

Closer Look at Mageia 1

mageiaThe other night I decided that it would be much easier to pick out one of the other distributions I have on my machine than to try and build an older version of KDEPIM myself for Sabayon. So, with that in mind, I booted up Mageia 1 that night.

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