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Fuduntu Turns One, Forks Fedora

FuduntuFuduntu released version 14.12 recently, and with it came two interesting announcements. Andrew Fewt Wyatt said in a blog post that it was just a year ago when he made that original upload to SourceForge and now a year later his distro is competing in the Top 50 at Distrowatch.

Fedora 16 Declared Gold, Release Tomorrow

FedoraFedora 16 has been declared GOLD. At the November 3 Final Go or No Go Meeting, parties in attendance lead by Robyn Bergeron, Fedora Program Manager, declared F16 GOLD. This puts F16 right on track for its scheduled November 8 release.

Fedora 16 Delayed by Two Weeks Too

FedoraopenSUSE isn't the only one working to overcome the challenges associated with developing a modern but stable operating system. Distinguished Fedora code monkey (I think that's the title he prefers) Adam Williamson recently blogged about the issues delaying release and it appears their hurdles may be a bit higher than openSUSE's.

Kororaa 15 Unleashed

kororaa The first stable release of Kororaa 15 (codename Squirt ) has been released and is available for download, in 32 and 64 bit with KDE 4.6 and GNOME 3. This is second release of the Fedora-based distribution since development resumed in late 2010.

Does Linus Run Linux Mint?

linux Last week we discovered that Linus Torvalds has dumped the GNOME desktop for Xfce. Now today we find that he has dumped Fedora for Linux Mint.

Oracle Fires Another Shot Over Red Hat's Bow

oracleOracle announced today that it had bought Ksplice Inc., the company behind the software that allows a rebootless kernel change. This exciting technology was welcomed by the Linux community and was even provided free of cost to Fedora users. Knowing Oracle's track record, this will undoubtedly cause worry throughout the community.

Phoronix and Other Sites Have Found Linux Kernel Power Management Snafus

For many Ubuntu users, adjusting to the new version 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) has included some hiccups, but not all the problems are specific to this version of Ubuntu. There are several reports emerging that claim that the Linux kernel now presents power management issues, with some well-known web sites establishing that the problems exist through hands-on tests. The problems are also affecting users of multiple Linux distros.

Is Ubuntu on the way out?

Ubuntu A distinguished Website is asking the question: Is Ubuntu on the way out? They cite Distrowatch's Page Hit Rankings as the catalyst for this query. According to said PHR, Ubuntu has fallen to the number three position in the one month tally behind Linux Mint and Fedora.

How Would You like GNOME 2.32 on Fedora 15?

bluebubbleSome folks just aren't happy with GNOME 3. Some aren't happy with the whole concept while others think it just really needs more simmering. Regardless of where you might fall in that spectrum, there may be hope yet. Juan Nushio Rodriguez, Fedora Ambassador and packager, has been working on bringing the deprecated desktop back to life for Fedora 15.

Kororaa 14 - Linux Mint of Fedora?

kororaaKororaa 14 was released today by Christopher Smart. Chris Smart first introduced his Kororaa Linux distribution in 2005, but it fell out of development in 2006/2007. Last Christmas Smart announced that development had restarted on Kororaa and today the first stable release was unveiled.

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