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Mozilla "Push"es Firefox 44, Most Secure Linux Projects

mozilla_firefoxFirefox 44 was released today with Mozilla touting new Push technology. Push allows websites to push content to users without their having to visit the site directly. Elsewhere, The Linux Homefront Project researched which Linux distributions take user security seriously and some of the results are surprising. Jack M. Germain reviewed Nelum OS and Neil Rickert shared his multi-boot techniques.

KDEPIM Akregator Faster than Ever

kde-logoToday in Linux news, Laurent Montel posted of new Akregator plans since version 2 was scrapped. Elsewhere, Matt Hartley discussed what he misses from Windows while Michael Sexton reported that Microsoft will limit processor updates to Windows 10 - pushing more users to Linux. Arch ended up winning that FOSS Force Distro of Year poll and Jesse Smith reviewed Kwort 4.3 in today's Distrowatch Weekly.

Solus Reviewed, Arch Still Ahead, & Reasons to Switch

solus_projectToday in Linux news, two Solus reviews found issues with the newly stable 1.0. FOSS Force's Best Desktop Distro poll finds Arch still leading the pack and Derrik Diener posted 8 reasons to switch from Windows 10 to Linux. A couple of Tumbleweed posts catch us up while Clem Lefebvre officially releases Mint 17.3 KDE and Xfce.

Arch Tops Poll, Rawhide Review, a Mint Fail

archToday in Linux news Arch is currently topping a favorite distro poll beating out former giants Ubuntu and Mint. Jamie Watson got a new Acer machine for Christmas that doesn't like Linux and Dedoimedo isn't enamored with new Mint 17.3. Jesse Smith reviewed paldo Linux today at Distrowatch.com and Jack Germain tipped his hat to new Chapeau Linux.

Fedora, Wayland, and Arch Reviews

archToday in Linux news Dedoimedo found a distribution he described as decent. Elsewhere, Pavlo Rudyi tested Plasma on Wayland and Neil Rickert discussed Kwallet. PCWorld's Jared Newman said Monday, Ubuntu appears to have fallen far short of the 200 million user goal it set back in 2011 and Jesse Smith reviewed Arch Linux in today's Distrowatch Weekly noting a fondness growing for Arch.

Person of Year, Podcasts, and Polls

tuxToday in Linux news, several reviews lead the pack today. Jesse Smith and Das U-Blogger Prashanth reviewed Chakra 2015.11, Swapnil Bhartiya tested newly released Mint 17.3, and a couple of quick openSUSE reports were posted. Elsewhere, Donald Stewart posted an update on Mageia Cauldron and Antonio Rojas said Arch is dropping KDE 4. A couple of interesting polls warrant a mention as well and more in tonight's Linux news recap.

Arch and Tumbleweed, Running Sans Systemd

archSwapnil Bhartiya today posted an interesting article describing his experiences using Tumbleweed the last weeks from an Arch user's point of view. I feel inspired. Elsewhere, James Darvell asks if the latest Microsoft Linux ceasefire is true love or just toxic and the Linux Migrant noticed MX-15 is in beta. A Slashdot reader today asked if folks will be able to run a modern desktop system into 2016 without systemd. So far, no one has really given him a straight answer.

Death of Debian Live, Fedora 24 Schedule, Opposing TPP

DebianDebian Live has been part of the Debian family for the last 10 years, but yesterday Daniel Baumann announced the end of the project citing internal deception. The Fedora 24 release schedule was highlighted and several reviews brag on Linux capabilities. Finally today, the Free Software Foundation and the Software Freedom Conservancy have posted their opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Bodhi AppPack, Unstable KDE Rebuttal, Arch Stability

bodhiA busy day in Linux today begins with Jeff Hoogland who released a software bundle for Bodhi Linux with all your favorite applications. Pavlo Rudyi compiled a retrospective of KDE's nineteen years as Martin Gr??lin addressed last week's stability complaints. MakeTechEasier has five ways to make Arch Linux more stable and Canonical is in the hot seat for allowing malware to infiltrate its repositories. Elsewhere, as openSUSE Leap is being prepared for release wiki contributers can get a Leap cap and Neil Rickert has a recent new report.

Red Hat Richer, Systemd Alternatives, and Antergos

redhatRed Hat Inc. today released their quarterly earnings report saying revenue increased 14% and profits rose 28%. All Things Linux has an article out highlighting some distributions without systemd and Jack Germain reviews Arch-based Antergos Linux. Phoronix reported today on the disappearing Assembly code in Linux and Mark Gibbs looked at some commandline monitoring tools.

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