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Scribus is a desktop publishing (DTP) application. Native versions are available for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, OS/2, and Microsoft Windows. It is known for its broad feature set of page layout features c... More

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AUDIENCE : advanced users
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
Linux2 : posix : unix : windows 2000 : windows 2003 : windows nt : windows xp : os portable : all bsd platforms : FreeBSD : mac os x : netbsd : OpenBSD : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : Python
c++ : USER INTERFACE : x windows
win32 : mac os x : Qt : cocoa :

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Top Open Source Tools For Writers

In this day and age, with all things going digital, the world of writing is getting a little smaller--just ask many of the former newspaper writers and editors beating the bricks out there. Still, good writers will always be with us, and tools for writing continue to evolve. In the open source arena, there are many great writerly applications available. Here are some good resources for finding them.

12 Tools and Collections for Greater Graphical Clout

Often, when I hear from OStatic readers, they express interest in open source graphics tools. Many of them already use some of the best tools, but there are actually many, many good, free resources in the open source arena for adding to your graphics arsenal. There are also free tutorial resources for getting started with them right away. Whether you want to produce a full-length animated movie, desktop publish good-looking graphical booklets, add a "galactic" brush set to GIMP (for effects like the one at left), work more efficiently with Flickr, or create eye-catching logos, check out our updated collection of 12 free graphics applications and resources here.

Scribus Desktop Publisher's New Version is Much Improved

We've written about Scribus, a popular open source desktop publishing application before, and it recently came out in a new version This update is the result of "almost 2 years of intensive work," according to Scribus' community, and it has a number of new features that people wished for in previous versions. It's downloadable now for Windows, the Mac and Linux, and I've been putting it through its paces. Here's what's under the hood in the new version.

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