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rsync is a software application for Unix systems which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate. An importan... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
system administrator : LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
Linux : solaris : bsd : Irix : Hp-ux : Aix : Sco : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : C
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Information obtained from users, and repositories like FLOSSmole, Wikipedia, Apache, Codehaus, Tigris and several others. Please inform us of any errors, objections or omissions. You can find our terms of service here.
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Simple Systems Administrators Toolbox

terminalOver the years I’ve come to appreciate the value of simplicity in systems administration. The more simple a setup is, the more likely it will be stable and easy to fix and maintain. If a setup is so complicated that it takes serious brainpower just to comprehend, chances are that there is going to be something wrong somewhere. Obviously, systems administrators have been dealing with complexity for a long time, and the basic sysadmin toolbox reflects the lean towards keeping it simple.

Winners of the Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards Announced

Google and O'Reilly have announced the winners of the 2008 Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards. Hat tip to Matt Asay for calling this out. I was very pleased to see one of the people behind Moodle named one of the winners. We've written widely about it. These awards, by the way, recognize special people in the open source community, not just projects. Here, below the fold, are the winners.

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