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Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a Linux distribution produced by Red Hat and targeted toward the commercial market, including mainframes. Red Hat commits to supporting each version of Red Hat Enterprise... More

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Some Assembly Required...

Any company looking for a general-purpose Linux operating system with solid support and lots of hardware and software certifications would be rather pleased with RHEL 5.

At sites where earlier RHEL versions are already in service, the upgrade should fit in particularly well. Red Hat's subscription model has always meant that customers can upgrade between RHEL versions when they want, but the addition of virtualization support offers the alternative of running older versions of RHEL on a RHEL 5 box as virtual machines.

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Upcoming Fedora 10 Release Has Style and Substance

These are good times for Linux users. Ubuntu's 8.10 release recently went live, Fedora's 10 release is coming up in mere weeks, and openSUSE will finalize its 11.1 offering in December. Even if none of these distributions are your first choice for daily use, they are popular and are frequently worth checking out on liveCD, even if you plan to continue using your current distribution.

This is where I admit I've been remiss. Taste aversion is a funny thing, and a few previous experiences with Fedora left a funny taste in my mouth. I have not seriously sat and looked at a Fedora release since FC2. As Fedora's new release started to take shape, I was hearing a lot of positive things -- comments about how good it looked, and how fast and solid it was. It seemed the right time to overcome the mental block I'd developed, and see what the fuss was about.

Open Source and the Financial Meltdown

Dana Blankenhorn makes some good points in a post from today titled Open Source in a Time of Recession. One of the better points is that, despite the incredible turmoil in global markets and economies, we actually haven't met the official definition of a recession yet here in the U.S., which would be two consecutive quarters without economic growth. Nevertheless, the financial gloom and doom we're seeing will cause constricted business spending on software, and open source stands to benefit from that in several ways. There may also be some unexpected events in the works.

Paid and Unpaid FOSS Developers: A Powerful Combo

Joe Brockmeier has an interesting piece up on the differences between paid and volunteer open source contributors. In it, he cites this post from former Debian Project Leader Martin Michlmayr, and a paper by Evangelia Berdou. "Berdou finds that paid developers take up key positions in projects, while volunteers often work on the periphery." Kristin also had some good  thoughts on the topic on OStatic this morning. I'm a believer that the combination of these two types of contributions can be very powerful.

Tips For Maintaining And Administrating Redhat Linux Servers.

Is there a link or some documentation describing How To Administer & Maintain RedHat Linux Proxy Server, Mail Server ,dns,dhcp, What are the Common problems you face when administrating and Maintaining This Type of RedHat linux servers and how to rectify it. Just some basic documentation that I can keep as a reference handy.

Tracking Bandwidth on Red Hat?

How can i track all the incoming and outgoing traffic on Red Hat mail server, where i am using sendmail as a mail server? Usually my incoming bandwidth is around 800 kbps but for the last few days it had increased to 2500 kbps even though i haven't added any users recently. Any ideas on why this might be happening and what can I use to monitor this?

Redhat Kernal Issue...

I have 3 OS' installed on my box: Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003 Server and Redhat v9. Everything was running fine but suddenly while booting RedHat, it shows the message "Kernal panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!"

Your help in resolving this would be much appreciated...

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