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Tracking Bandwidth on Red Hat?

By Paul Sands - Jul. 01, 2008

How can i track all the incoming and outgoing traffic on Red Hat mail server, where i am using sendmail as a mail server? Usually my incoming bandwidth is around 800 kbps but for the last few days it had increased to 2500 kbps even though i haven't added any users recently. Any ideas on why this might be happening and what can I use to monitor this?


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  1. By Joe Brody on Jul. 01, 2008

    I would run Ethereal ( on your mail server.

    Ethereal looks at ALL network traffic transversing your selected network interface(s). It generates a lot of data, so you'll want to use the built-in filters. In fact, Ethereal is so comprehensive that I'd recommend looking at their online documentation (

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