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Seriously, OSTatic! This is plain annoying!

By McKinsey - Oct. 17, 2012


I am exploring your quite nice site for finding info on good programs, but I found a VERY annoying problem that everyone seems to ... ignore?

I have GNU/Linux platform, so I would like to see outright, if the software listed is actually supported on my platform. However I can't. The only workaround so far is going to home site of the app to start searching for the OSes it supports.

Take any software in your catalog, you won't find info what platforms its actually running, unless some of the reviewers mentions it somewhere in his review. Perhaps you could add a tag or a field next to software, describing what platforms its actually working. Because, if it does not run on my OS, its quite useless for me....

And that was what I find quite annoying, please fix that. :)



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