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Root user not working

By Charles Dalton - Aug. 08, 2008

I am using Fedora core 8 and my problem is when I login as root, it loads improperly and system hangs. I dont have any such problems in normal user login nor using "su" in normal user login.

Even though I dont need root login much of the times, I require it at times for administration purpose. Suggestions?


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  1. By an anonymous user on Aug. 08, 2008

    Take a look root account in /etc/passwd and make sure that it looks something like this:


    Also, verify that there is a /root directory and that you have bash installed at /bin/bash. If either /root or /bin/bash are missing, you'll have problems like what you've described.

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  2. By an anonymous user on Aug. 10, 2008

    Is this a fresh install, or is this something that used to work but started acting up recently?

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  3. By Mike Farley on Sep. 03, 2008

    If you don't need to actually login as root, then you can use 'sudo -s' as another logged in user and run commands as root.

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