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Prevent processes from dying when ssh shell dies

By Michael Neary - Apr. 05, 2009

I am running Fedora Core 6 and my ssh terminal dies when it is inactive for a while. My issue is that I have several processes that need to run but they do not require any user input, and if the shell dies, the processes are killed too. I have tried suspending them, but that simply stops the processes. I have also tried running them in the background. What suggestions do you have?


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  1. By Peter Brook on Apr. 07, 2009

    You can just run them in the background by issuing "&" at the end. Depending on the process, shell termination may kill the process too.

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  2. By Jean-Francois Messier on Apr. 24, 2009

    If the process canm run by itself, with no more intervention from the user util it is completed, you can start it with the "&" appened to the command line. It will then run in background. But if you loose the conneciton the process may or may not get interrupted. You can also use the cron to start the process in a script, say, 5 minutes from now.

    Look at the commands:

    - crontab -l

    - crontab -e

    Those will start the process in background by itself, under your own credentials.

    Google on the word: crontab,

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