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Open Source Business Intelligence/Reporting Tools?

By Julio Dominguez - Jun. 18, 2008

I'm looking for something that can easily process flat files from a variety of sources - quickbooks, excel sheets, sugarCRM - easy to install and intuitive to setup and run reports on a regular basis. The reports aren't too complicated and I probably could get this setup in Excel but was hoping for something that looks a little more appealing :)

I've briefly looked at Jasper Reports and Pentaho but was looking for something a little more intuitive and easier to manage in an excel like interface, something that could be managed by for a non-technical person (accounting clerk)



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  1. By Mia Nagata on Jun. 18, 2008

    Check out the Pentaho Page on OStatic - There are a bunch of alternatives -

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  2. By Jibi Thomas on Jun. 19, 2008


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  3. By an anonymous user on Jun. 21, 2008

    Here's a List:

    BEE Project

    BEE is one of the first open source BI Suites, having been around since 2002. It provides ETL, ROLAP, reporting, integration with the R Project, is written in PERL, and primarily supports MySQL.

    JasperSoft BI Suite

    The Jasper BI Suite provides a framework for report automation and ad hoc reporting, as well as full OLAP and ETL capabilities. Components include JasperReports, iReport, JasperServer, JasperAnalysis and JasperETL.


    Openi provides a web-driven interface to OLAP, relational, statistical and data mining sources giving BI integrators user interface, report definition and connector tools.


    Pentaho BI Suite provides a framework for a full array of capabilities: Reporting, Analysis, Dashboards, Data Integration, Data Mining and Workflow.


    SpagoBI is a BI platform drawing its components from the ObjectWeb consurtium. Tools include metadata management, ETL, Reporting, Analysis, and Dashboards.

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  4. By an anonymous user on Jun. 21, 2008

    Here's a list of Open Source ETL (Extract, Transformation & Load) Tools:

    KETL - KETL is an ETL for high volume transactions developed by Kinetic Networks.

    Enhydra Octopus - Enhydra Octopus is part of the ObjectWeb GForge project, providing JDBC Data Transformations

    Pequel ETL - Pequel ETL is, according to their SourceForge description, a comprehensive and high performance data processing/transform system. It features a simple, user-friendly event driven scripting interface that transparently generates & executes highly efficient Perl/C code. Uses: ETL, datawarehousing, statistics, and data-cleansing.

    Clover ETL - Clover ETL is an open source Java based framework for building data transformations (ETL applications).

    CpluSQL - The cplusql distributed ETL tool extracts and transforms row based data from databases and flat files for terabyte scale datawarehouse loading.

    JetStream - JetStream is the first open source ETL tool that we used. It is described as a Java Extraction Transformation Service for Transmitting Records & Exchanging Application Metadata: a Java-based ETL/EAI tool.

    Apatar - Apatar ETL tool's modular architecture delivers 1. Visual job designer/mapping 2. Connectivity to all major data sources 3. Flexible Deployment Options (GUI, or server engine with JVM, or embedded).

    KETTLE - Don't confuse KETL and KETTLE - they're not related. K.E.T.T.L.E (Kettle ETTL Environment) is a meta-data driven ETTL tool (Extraction, Transformation, Transportation & Loading). Kettle is also available as Pentaho Data Integration.

    openDigger - OpenDigger is a java based compiler for the xETL language. xETL is a language specifically projected to read, manipulate and write data in any format and database. With OpenDigger/XETL you can build powerful Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL) prograns.

    Talend - Talend Open Studio is a mature product, three years in the making before coming out for download.

    * developer tools: to create process

    * administrator: to manage distributed process on a grid architecture

    * launcher tools: to launch process

    * PAM: Process Activities Monitor

    The ETL language is PERL, and JAVA. But Perl provide many more connectors than do the java libraries.

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