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IP Addresses of LAN devices

By James DSouza - Apr. 03, 2009

Hello. I am trying to find out the IP addresses on a given network for all machines connected on the LAN. How do I determine what IP addresses are part of the LAN? I am using Fedora Core 6


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  1. By Randy Clark on Apr. 04, 2009

    You can use arp to figure out which IP addresses are in the cache. If you have previously pinged this device, it should show up in the cache.

    > arp -n

    This will tell you which IP addresses this device has connected to in the past.

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  2. By Jean-Francois Messier on Apr. 24, 2009

    In order to reach all IP addresses on your subnet, ping the broadcast address. This is the very latest IP address for your segment. Check your own IP address and netmask for this.

    By pinging the broadcast address, you should reach all computers, and then they should all get in the ARP table.

    However, if you are pinging IP address outside of your own segment, you will not get the ARP addresses of those devices, as those are only known within a given network segment. You will have to connect on this segment to do it.

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  3. By Prateek Gupta on Dec. 22, 2009

    you can download the nmap tool for fedora which can be used to scan the network and it will show the ip's of devices which are active at that time

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