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How can we, the Voters, tell the Presidential Candidates about this most important matter?

By Markus McLaughlin - Jul. 03, 2008

What kind of mass marketing style petition can we, the Voters who care about the failed Education System, put together to send to both Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama? To make this idea of every student who doesn't have a computer, own a linux powered laptop computer so they can access the internet for homework research and to create their own multimedia reports using OpenOffice and other such programs??? There has to be a coupon debit-like card with $300 to $600 that can only be used via schools and/or online vendors for the parents to purchase low cost linux powered laptop computers? But it has to be able to run Windows XP Home Ediition as another choice besides Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Mandriva, or Debian.

Markus McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA


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  1. By Markus McLaughlin on Jul. 03, 2008

    Could AOL or EarthLink provide free or low cost wireless or 56k modem service for home usage who don't have access already???

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  2. By Markus McLaughlin on Jul. 03, 2008

    Textbooks could also be accessed online as well to save on paper. Perhaps the XO laptop is another alternative...

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  3. By Markus McLaughlin on Jul. 03, 2008

    Strong Education = Good Careers = Strong Economy

    Common Sense!!!

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  4. By an anonymous user on Jul. 03, 2008

    Isn't that what the OLPC program is for? I mean, they tried to bundle it with Open Source, but decided that that would not fly. How about equipping schools with better facilities, so they can impart knowledge via the school system?

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  5. By Glenn Wilson on Jul. 05, 2008

    @Linuxglobe - there was a post a few days back talking about the creating a paperless school system and I think while good in theory - it should be (IMO) much lower down in the priority list.

    Focus on funding the teachers, increasing salaries and making this a more attractive area for the younger generation to pursue a career in rather than looking to technology to solve ALL the issues.

    Technology can be used to complement the teachers but the teachers are first and foremost...

    My $0.02...

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  6. By leehj hj on Sep. 01, 2008

    pay it.

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