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Bodhi Linux Update

By Jeff Hoogland - Feb. 02, 2011

Susan - Would you mind taking another look at Bodhi Linux now that it is in a more finished state? I think you will be presently surprised how far it has come with our latest 0.1.5 release :)

~Jeff Hoogland


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  1. By Susan Linton on Feb. 08, 2011

    Yeah, sure I'll look again. Probably wait for stable (1.0) release tho. I subscribe to your blog's feed, so I keep up with it.



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  2. By Stephen Green on Feb. 08, 2011

    Your better off waiting Susan, I just tried it the other day and it's okay, but more

    work needs to done. Especially in regards to detecting common WiFi,

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  3. By for ost on Jun. 16, 2011

    Hello Susan

    In the meanwhile, time goes by quickly.

    Bodhi has already reached its 1.1.0 version, has grown up a double dozen team members, has a very active forum board, and I'm sure, lots of satisfied users.

    With the help of the community and the effort of the developers, Bodhi has gained extra stability, maturity and value in different areas, like documentation, internationalization and art work.

    The team is always happy to find a review of Bodhi, as they see them as good opportunities to collect information that may lead to further improvements.

    All that said, in case you're up to give it your second look, I'm certain that it may be now the great moment.


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