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A good free screen sharing application for Mac & PC collaboration?

By Julio Dominguez - May. 27, 2009

I'm looking for an app that allows for screen sharing between Macs and PCs. The features I'm looking for:

1. Easy, single-click download on both Mac & PC
2. Little/No configuration requirements on Mac or the PC
3. Allows either user to give control of their screen to the other user
4. Easy switching between the 2 or more shared screens.

Your help is much appreciated. TIA!


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  1. By Vijaya Kumar Reddy Maddela on May. 28, 2009

    Hi Use this....,

    You can invite your friends from Yahoo,Gmail,Skype,MSN.....

    No installation required...

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  2. By Roger Gillette on Jun. 24, 2009

    Thanks Vijaya - Yuuguu is great - the name is a little odd and difficult to remember but the application is great and works like a charm! Thank You!

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