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Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes programmer productivity and code readability. Python's core syntax and semantics are minimalist, while th... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
system administrator : LICENSE : python software foundation license
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
Python : C : USER INTERFACE : x windows
win32 : LATEST VERSION : 2.5.2

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Information obtained from users, and repositories like FLOSSmole, Wikipedia, Apache, Codehaus, Tigris and several others. Please inform us of any errors, objections or omissions. You can find our terms of service here.
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Great General Purpose Language

Very good choice for solve general sysadmin problems, develop web-sites and good application for desktops.

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Need More Chinese Document Support

there are much less python local document compared to java. China python user group, come on~

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Python Rocks!

i try to use python as much as possible especially on win32 platforms. it is probably faster than java. every science (chem/physics), mathematics, and engineering student should learn this language their freshman year of college -- and use it! i am an experienced c/c++, ada embedded developer, but always look for ways i can use this language to solve other programming tasks people throw my way. kind regards,

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PyMT Helps Developers Create Multi-touch Apps


On the heels of Canonical's announcement that it plans to bring multi-touch interface capabilities to Ubuntu comes word of the release of PyMT 0.5, an open source library for developing multi-touch applications. The GNU LGPL-licensed software runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X and comes packaged with a big batch of customizable widgets like sliders, gestures, and scatter. It's a nifty little tool for developers looking for a painless way to create multi-touch apps or test their hardware.

Django 1.2 Brings Security Improvements

Django LogoThe Django Web framework got a major update this week with the release of Django 1.2 on Monday. This release brings some security improvements, better email handling, performance improvements, and better localization support.

Django is a Python based framework for rapid Web development. The 1.2 release has been in progress for about a year, with the project following a release cycle of approximately nine months for major releases. At least that's the plan.

Facebook Friends PHP: Introducing HipHop

HIpHop Logo

Are you a fan of PHP? Facebook is. The company has been working behind the scenes to create HipHop, a runtime compiler for PHP to improve the language's performance on Facebook's servers. The company is also friending the rest of the PHP community with its work by releasing its project as open source.

Rumors have been flying for a while, and the news was confirmed on Monday by ReadWriteWeb. Facebook gave a talk on Tuesday night about HipHop to introduce the technology at the company's headquarters in Palo Alto, CA.

What is a good way to normalize RSS feeds

I am about to write some code to process RSS feeds. However, I am finding that I have to special case for the several different types of RSS standards that our there (Atom 1.0, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, etc.). There are some libraries out there, and I was wondering what people had to say about which ones might make sense. I'm open to writing this in Python, Java, PHP or Ruby.

Good way to parse RSS feeds in Python

Hello. I am looking for a good library that will help me parse RSS feeds. Has anyone used feedparser? Any feedback?

Good wiki software

For a long time I had been looking for a good wiki software. media wiki is good but not for the faint of heart. Requires the wiki markup language to write (excluding plugins)
deki wiki is good but works on mono.

Can anyone recommend good wiki software with capabilities of dekiwiki but in PHP/python?

Installing libxml2 on the mac

Hello. I have a python script that requires libxml2 import. I cannot find the libxml2 package on the default mac python installation. Where can I get it from? I did not find it on Maybe I didn't look in the right places?

Good tool to view response headers

I am looking for a tool to allow me to find out the response headers that are being sent back from my server. I am thinking of writing a script that makes an HTTP request, but I don't want to do cookie management, etc to get to sections of my site that require me to login. What tools can I use that will dump the http headers and show me a request/response trail for my web app? The web app is running on apache and is written in python.

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