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"PuTTY is a terminal emulator application which can act as a client for the SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP computing protocols. The name ""PuTTY"" has no definitive meaning[1], though 'tty' is the n... More

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LICENSE : mit license
X Windows : LATEST VERSION : 0.6

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Love The S60 Version

Yep, if you dont know there's also an app for symbian s60 phones. I use it a lot on my Nokia e63.

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Should Be A Default In Windows

I am surprise that it is not included as a default in windows. this is the poor's man version of remote access, but is convenient and easy to use if you dont need any thing fancy

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Very Easy To Install!

I have been an avid user of Putty. So many times I needed to access corporate systems and would be at a friend's place. I would download putty and be up and running in 30 seconds. When done, I could just delete the file from my friend's computer and there would be no trace at all. No complex install to run. Putty.exe is a single exe file and is good to go when downloaded. I wish all software was as easy to set up and use!

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Love It

I love this app. So easy to use.

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Putty Rocks !

Its a very easy to use tool. I use it almost daily to have remote access to my servers.

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All Likewise Software is Saying is "Give Platform Peace a Chance"

It's been a long, drawn out, brutal battle on the IT frontlines. Skirmishes can happen anywhere, at random -- in the server room, the board room, the cafeteria, or even, tragically, in civilian populated areas like pubs, restaurants, homes and big box electronics stores. The Mac and Windows battlefront consumes the resources of many foot soldiers, but the biggest, bloodiest conflicts involve the elite, highly trained IT commandos, who must be diplomats as well as fighters, and integrate a number of platforms across a single network.

Overly dramatic? Perhaps, but depending on your work environment and how quirky your mixed network is to configure, maybe not by much. There are several utilities available to promote diplomacy and peaceful interaction between machines in a mixed network. Likewise Software offers its open source Likewise integration applications to keep the peace -- and preserve platform equality and rights -- in a mixed network setting.

The OS Wars are frustrating and costly, but can be resolved with less heartache and far fewer casualties than other conflicts. This is why Likewise is promoting platform peace through t-shirt sales, with the proceeds going to charities supporting the civilian and military casualties of real wars.

Putty equivalent for the Mac?

I currently use putty for SSH connections through windows. Is there a similar product available for the mac?

Free software

Doesn any can provide free pdf notes on networking and server .
also the free software of putty .


Is there any other alternative to Putty , if no , why?

I am looking out for software which is as simple and easy as Putty

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