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phpMyAdmin is an open source tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Internet. Currently it can create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
system administrator : DEVELOPMENT STATUS : production
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
USER INTERFACE : web-based

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Excellent Tool For The MySQL Challenged

I use Wordpress for my blog and whenever I need to do some database management myPhpAdmin is an essential replacement for any real SQL skills.

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Easy To Model, Test & Share...

The main advantage of using phpMyAdmin over a Windows or Linux ER-modeling application is that all the MySQL tables are already created, so I can simply start inserting example data and share this data.

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Can't Live Without This

Probably the best MySQL administration tool out there. Let me take it a step further by saying that this is one of the best Database administration tools out there!

This should serve as a template for how Database Administration tools should be built...

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SourceForge's Community Choice Awards: Winners Named

We covered the SourceForge Community Choice Awards announcement in early July, and now the winners have been named. This marks the first year when SourceForge's awards for the best open source projects have been open to all open source projects. OpenOffice is far and away the big winner, but I was pleased to see some lesser known projects get recognition, too. Here, below the fold, are the winners.

PhpMyAdmin Error

Trying to fix the problem causing this error message, "Your PHP MySQL library version 5.1.54 differs from your MySQL server version 5.5.7. This may cause unpredictable behavior." Any help would be appreciated.

Installed on the web server - PHP version 5.3.5, Apache 2.2.3, MySQL Client API 5.1.54, MySQLi 5.1.54

MySQL 5.5 installed on seperate DB server.

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