PHP is a computer scripting language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. The name PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.PHP is used mainly in server-side scriptin... More

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Good For Novice Web Programmers

I must admit PHP has been going strong for a while now, it is a good entry web scripting language, you can get up and running in almost in no time, that is if you get through configuring the development stack, most commonly referred as LAMPP, on Linux and WAMPP for Windows.

PHP has inherent shortcoming if you consider Object Oriented Programming as your style of programming, how ever a lot has been done fix that. By far PHP is the most common programming language of the web with lots of resources.

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Web Development Language Of Choice

I've developed web apps in java, and PHP. The latter has always proved to be a more productive platform that produced the most maintainable code and faster results.

Choose PHP if:

* You want to develop a web app that runs anywhere (especially if you don't own your own server)

* You don't want to write everything yourself (the PHP community is huge and they tend to share code and solutions more than other)

* You want to be able to find documentation on everything with samples of how to do things. ( just plain rocks)

Use java or if :

* You need performance

* You need less talented developers in your team produces better code (compiled statically typed languages tend to prohibit you from making stupid mistakes)

* You prefer to use official libraries rather than 3rd party open source ones.

* You absolutely need an IDE. PHP as all dynamically typed languages are harder to debug and/or monitor.

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For Mid-level Web Projects

Very powerful language but not for large business projects.

Some libs (for instance handling Excel) are poor

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First Learn Language

it is my first learn language

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Very Powerful Web Language

although i'm not familliar with this scripting language. but it's very powerful in web development. So many php web hosting services on the web compared to java web hosting. it greatly accelerates php development and its popularity.

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Lucas Carlson, Founder of Cloud-focused PHP Fog, Reveals What's in His Stack

Lucas Carlson has been a mover and shaker on the open source scene ever since he co-authored Ruby Cookbook, a comprehensive problem-solving guide for Ruby developers, and he also served as lead engineer for music-on-demand service MOG. Now, his startup company PHP Fog is red hot, and--as we've noted--Madrona Venture Group, Founder's Co-op and First Round Capital have committed $1.8 million of Series A funding for the firm, a Portland-based cloud computing outfit focused on scalable Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology.

In the fast-growing world of cloud computing, companies are looking for easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage ways to run comprehensive cloud computing stacks and services. PaaS offerings allow deployment of applications in the cloud without the cost and complexity of deploying the underlying hardware and software and worrying about hosting. From hosting to serving up instant-on Ruby applications, PHP Fog offers end-to-end cloud services. We caught up with Lucas for a Q&A focused on the question "What's in your stack?" Here are his responses.

Focused on PaaS and PHP, PHP Fog Gets $1.8 Million in Funding

Madrona Venture Group, Founder's Co-op and First Round Capital have committed $1.8 million of Series A funding for PHP Fog, a Portland-based cloud computing startup focused on scalable Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology. PHP Fog comes from well-known developer Lucas Carlson, lead engineer for music-on-demand service Mog and author of the Ruby Cookbook for O’Reilly Media. PHP Fog has some similarities to Heroku, but also some unique features, and is squarely focused on PHP developers. GigaOM has a story today, putting the company's efforts in perspective. Check it out here.

Open Source Projects that Changed the World


To many, open source software isn’t just about getting something for free, it’s a statement about how the world should be. With almost religious fervor, open source evangelists have been fighting the good fight for freedom of code for nearly as long as there have been computers. Here are seven projects that have, quite literally, changed the world.

Best Cloud Service for Hosting a Scalable PHP Application?

For a PHP app that is likely to demand on-demand scalability, what is the best cloud server to host it?

How to Host a PHP-based Application in Google App Engine?

I am planning to create an app in GAE. The catch is, it will be based in PHP. Any idea on how to do it?

How to run PHP in AWS Beanstalk?

Can I run PHP in AWS Beanstalk? As of now it seems that it only provides support for Java. Please suggest me if there is any way to do this (direct or some work-around).

Is it Possible to Scale a PHP-based Site in AWS?

We are in the process of creating a community where people will be engaging in all Now this would be based on PHP. My query is, if needed, can I scale it in future?

Web Based Open Source Report Writer


Who can recommend a report writer that is simple to learn/use for a non-programmer? It should be able to access MySQL and run on a Linux server, and should be web-based to.


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